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Beach Day Pudding Cups

Beach Day Pudding Cups

Beach Day Pudding Cups are the perfect sweet treat to beat the summer heat!

These versatile snacks are a breeze to make and only require a handful of ingredients that add all kinds of fun textures and flavors like crunchy ‘sand’, sour ‘beach towels’ and sweet, chewy gummy ‘pool rings’.

I love this recipe for a few reasons. First of all, it’s so easy to quickly assemble yourself or it can be a fun project for kids to help with. You can make them well in advance of a party or they can BE the party and everyone can pitch in to make their own special beach scene.

Your pudding cups can be super simple or you can let your imagination run wild.

Your ‘sand’ can be crushed graham crackers, Golden Grahams, Golden Oreos, Nutter Butter cookies or maybe even Butterfinger candy bars.

The vanilla pudding could easily become ‘water’ with a few drops of food coloring. My go-to for food coloring is AmeriColor Soft Gel Paste. I order it direct from Amazon for the best selection. It’s a high-quality, concentrated gel, so you only need a drop or two in order to achieve a gorgeous color.

I used LifeSaver Gummies, but there are lots of fun and unique options available like sharks, turtles and other sea creatures. I also picked up a package of simple drink umbrellas at my local Walmart, but here again, Amazon has a good selection of cute umbrellas in varying styles and colors.



Beach Day Pudding Cups Recipe

These Beach Day Pudding Cups are a breeze to make and are a perfect recipe for the kids to help with!

Author: The Three Snackateers
  • 4-8 vanilla pudding cups
  • 1 package graham crackers, crushed
  • 1 package Airhead Extremes
  • 1 package Gummy Lifesavers
  • 1 package Teddy Grahams, any flavor
  • 1 package drink umbrellas
  1. Open your pudding cups and toss the lids.

  2. Crush graham crackers and add the crumbs to the top of each of the pudding cups to create the 'sand'.

  3. Cut the Airhead Extremes into short segments to create your 'beach towels'. 

  4. Add the beach towels, gummies and teddy grahams to create beach scenes in the sand on top of each cup.

  5. Add a drink umbrella to each cup to finish the beach scene!

Recipe Notes
  • You can substitute crushed up Teddy Grahams for the graham crackers.
  • Blue food coloring can be added to the pudding to create 'water'. My favorite food color is AmeriColor Soft Gel Paste. It's a very concentrated and high-quality gel, so just a drop or 2 will create a beautiful hue. Tons of colors available. 
  • There are many fun choices for creating your beach scene beside the items listed here. Explore the candy section for other fun options like gummy sharks or sea stars!


Be sure to pin one of the graphics below for these Sandy Beach Pudding Cups so you can make them too! If you’re looking for more easy recipes like this one, head over to Pinterest to check out our Recipes Made With Snacks Board.

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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read our disclosure policy for more information.

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