What Does Plutonium Taste Like?

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Ever wondered what plutonium tastes like? In this article, we’ll explore two possibilities: the real radioactive element itself and a candy called “plutonium.”

Get ready for a journey of curiosity and caution, where we’ll uncover the tastes that may lie at opposite ends of the atomic spectrum!

Before we get started, a short disclaimer. We are foodies, not plutonium or science experts. However, we can say with confidence that you should not be tasting or consuming actual, real plutonium in any way, shape, or form.

With that said, you might still be curious about the hypothetical taste of plutonium, so we’ll provide you with some basic info and theories.

Or maybe you’re more interested in learning about the candy called Plutonium Nuclear Energy Powder, which definitely doesn’t contain any actual plutonium. This is definitely more in our wheelhouse and we’ll cover what it tastes like in the later half of the article!

What Does Plutonium Taste Like

What Is Plutonium?

Let’s start by taking you through what exactly plutonium is, so you can better understand what it could theoretically taste like…

Plutonium is one of the chemical elements found on the periodic table, at number 94. The symbol for Plutonium is Pu.

In 1940, while conducting research on the process of splitting atoms for atomic bomb production, scientists stumbled upon a momentous revelation: the discovery of plutonium.

Plutonium has a range of uses in the modern world. For example, plutonium-238 can be used in satellites, both as a source of heat for electrical components and as a source of power. Plutonium-239, on the other hand, can be used for nuclear weapons.

Why You Shouldn’t Taste Plutonium

Plutonium is a highly radioactive element that can lead to major health problems, including radiation poisoning and internal organ damage, even in small quantities. The consequences of exposure to plutonium can be long-lasting and life-threatening.

Even brief exposure can be hazardous. When plutonium enters the body, either through the skin or the respiratory system, it can emit alpha radiation, which can damage nearby tissues and cells.

This can lead to acute health effects, such as radiation burns, lung damage, and acute radiation sickness. Long-term exposure to plutonium can also increase the risk of developing various cancers, particularly lung cancer.

Additionally, plutonium has a long half-life, which means it remains radioactive for thousands of years. This poses a significant environmental and health hazard if it is released into the environment.

So, it’s evident that you shouldn’t really even be near real plutonium, let alone tasting it.

But…..I bet you’re still wondering, what theoretically, what could plutonium taste like??

What Does Plutonium Taste Like?

Although plutonium may seem exotic by its very nature, its taste is likely far from extraordinary.

While you might imagine it to have the flavors of a rare space berry with hints of wonderdust, the reality is much more mundane—it is a metal and probably tastes, well, metallic.

It is evident that some things in this world are not designed to be tasted, and real plutonium is certainly one of those things.

Now, candy that goes by the name of “Plutonium” is a whole different story…

What is Plutonium Nuclear Energy Powder candy?

Alrighty. If you’re here because you’re interested in the candy that’s named after plutonium and you’ve made it through this far this is the part you’ve been waiting for!

Back in 2010, there was a candy called launched called “Nuclear Energy Powder,” by a company called Harcos Laboratories. One of the available flavors was called Plutonium.

However, it seems the products had a short half-life as the handful of online retailers that have it listed all show out of stock and have very limited details.

What does Plutonium Nuclear Energy Powder taste like?

Nuclear Energy Powders were available in a few different flavors.

  • Plutonium: green powder; pear flavored
  • Uranium – yellow powder, cake flavor
  • Radium  – blue color; raspberry lemonade flavor
  • Strontium: orange color; strawberry flavor
  • Barium: black color; black cherry flavor

Each product had a sweet and sour powder contained in a “fuel rod” that basically looked like a test tube. Each tube offered 90mg of caffeine and was meant to be a fun way to boost your energy throughout the day.

You’d pour the tangy flavored powder directly into your mouth, leaving a fun “radioactive” color trail behind.

Final Thoughts On The Taste Of Plutonium

So, there you have it! We hope you enjoyed this bizarre plutonium taste exploration. Here’s a quick wrap-up of what we learned.

  • Never eat plutonium. If you did happen to taste it, it would most likely taste like metal. But please, just don’t.
  • Plutonium Nuclear Energy Powder was a fun pear-flavored, caffeine-filled candy from 2010. Unfortunately, it is no longer available for purchase.

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