What Can I Drink With Invisalign? (Tea, Coffee, Alcohol & More)

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If you’re one of the millions of people who have chosen to straighten their teeth with Invisalign, you may be wondering if it’s safe to drink tea, coffee and other hot beverages.

The answer is yes – technically you can still enjoy some drinks like tea and coffee with Invisalign (if it’s not too hot or cold), but most orthodontists agree it’s best to remove the aligner before eating or drinking anything. And keep in mind the typical recommendation is to wear your Invisalign for 22 hours a day, which leaves plenty of time to sip your tea!

In this blog post, we’ll answer the pressing question: “What Can I Drink With Invisalign?!” We’ll also cover the risks of drinking hot tea and other warm beverages with Invisalign, and we’ll offer some tips for protecting your investment.

And while this is not health advice and you should always consult your dentist or orthodontist, I’m sure you’ll find a lot of the information here useful.

What Can I Drink With Invisalign Tea Coffee Alcohol and More

Tips For Drinking Beverages With Invisalign

By following these simple tips, you can still enjoy your favorite drinks without damaging your Invisalign.

  • According to data collected by pocketdentistry.com, drinking anything above 140 degrees Fahrenheit (60 degrees Celsius) can potentially damage your aligners. Very cold beverages and foods (like ice cream) can also cause damage to Invisalign. When in doubt, take it out!
  • Most orthodontists recommend removing your Invisalign before eating or drinking. Make sure to rinse or brush your teeth before putting the aligner back in.
  • Plain room temperature water is your best bet for drinking with Invisalign.
  • If you still decide to go ahead and drink any hot or cold beverages with Invisalign, drinking through a straw instead of straight from the glass is highly recommended. This will help keep the liquid away from your aligners.
  • Thoroughly brush your teeth and aligner if you chose to eat or drink eating with it in place.

And if you’re wondering what drinks are safe for your Invisalign, I’ve got you covered. Read on to learn which drinks to watch out for when wearing aligners.

Hot and Cold Drinks To Avoid (and Enjoy!) With Invisalign – What You Should Know


Drinking warm green tea instead of black tea or iced tea is recommended. Black tea can potentially stain your Invisalign, whereas iced tea (or any other iced beverages, for that matter) can cause your aligners to crack or warp.


You might think that wearing Invisalign aligners would put a damper on your coffee-drinking habits, but there’s no need to worry. As long as you remove your aligners before drinking any hot beverage, you can enjoy your coffee without risking damage to your orthodontic treatment.

And if iced coffee is your go-to morning fix, be sure to use a straw when drinking or remove your aligners altogether.

You will also need to be careful about staining. Coffee is notorious for leaving behind unsightly stains, so it’s best to enjoy it without your aligners in. And once you’re finished drinking, be sure to brush your teeth thoroughly before putting your aligners back in.


Many people enjoy a good cocktail or two every now and then, but is drinking alcohol safe to do with Invisalign? While Invisalign is designed to be durable, it’s important to remove your aligners before drinking alcohol. This is especially true for dark alcoholic beverages like red wine, as they can stain your aligners.

Considering drinking something like white wine that’s on the clearer side? Just keep in mind that the sweeter the drink the more likely you are to increase your risk of tooth decay. So while you may be tempted to leave your aligners in for happy hour, it may be more beneficial to remove them for a moment.

Acidic Drinks

A nice cold glass of lemon water is always a refreshing drink of choice, but if you’re wearing Invisalign clear aligners, you might be wondering if it’s okay to drink acidic beverages. After all, acidic drinks, like orange juice, can damage tooth enamel.

However, Invisalign aligners are made of a strong, durable material that is designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. So, while acidic drinks may not be the best for your teeth, they most likely won’t damage your Invisalign aligners.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should start guzzling down lemon water! After all, with a pH level of 2.4, it has the same acidity as vinegar (according to Dentistry at Wilbert). Acidic drinks can still cause dental problems, so it’s best to limit your consumption of them.

If you do drink an acidic beverage, be sure to rinse your mouth out with water afterward to remove any residual acid. And, as always, brush your teeth regularly to keep them healthy and happy.


You might be wondering if you can still enjoy your favorite juice beverages. After all, you can’t exactly brush your teeth after every sip! While it’s true that you need to be careful about what you drink when wearing aligners, there’s no need to give up juice entirely.

Lighter juices like apple juice are usually safe to drink without damaging your aligners, but it’s important to remember that aligners are susceptible to staining. This is why darker juices like grape juice should be avoided since they can leave behind residue that is difficult to remove.

You also want to consider the sugar content in juice before drinking it, as sugary drinks can cause cavities and tooth decay since the sugar sticks to the aligners. So if you can, opt for clearer juices with low-sugar content and that will be your best bet.

Energy Drinks

Many people enjoy the occasional energy drink. But if you’re wearing Invisalign aligners, you might be wondering whether it’s still okay to indulge in your favorite pick-me-up. The good news is that energy drinks are generally safe to drink with Invisalign, as long as you take some precautions.

Make sure to brush your teeth after drinking an energy drink, as sugar and acid can increase your risk of tooth decay. Second, avoid energy drinks with carbonation, as the bubbles can cause your aligners to become uncomfortable and increase your risk of gum irritation (and the same applies for other carbonated drinks like soda).

What Can I Drink With Invisalign Tea Coffee Alcohol and More

Conclusion: What Can I Drink With Invisalign?

So, what can you drink with Invisalign? For a variety of reasons, it’s best to remove your aligners before eating or drinking. But if you need to take a sip or a bite with them in, plain water is your best option.

Food and Drinks To Avoid With Invisalign

  • Very hot or cold
  • Dark in color
  • Sugary
  • Acidic

Thanks for reading and keep those pearly whites shining bright!

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