Mexican Candy Recipes With Chili Powder

Tajin, Tamarind, and Chamoy are three of the most popular seasonings and sauces often used to make spicy Mexican candies. While they each bring unique types of salty, sour, and sweet flavors, they also include some form of chiles to add a great punch of spiciness to the mix.

Dulces Enchiladas

Dulces Enchilados is a popular type Mexican candy with chili powder. The sweet-spicy combination embodies Mexican cuisine. It is also sometimes called Pica Pica candy, chamoy covered candy, Mexican spicy candy or Mexican gummies.

Tamarindo Candy

Mexican Tamarindo candy is a type of confection made primarily with Tamarind fruit, plus sweeteners (like dates), nuts, and bold seasonings. Tamarind on its own has a deep sour and slightly sweet flavor; when used to make candy it takes on the sweetness or spiciness of other ingredients included.

This spicy mango candy recipe is a perfect example of blending the perfect mix of sweet and spicy into a treat. This super simple recipe captures the essence of Mexican candy with just 2 ingredients: mango and Tajin. The sweetness of the mango candy pairs beautifully with the spice from Tajin.

Spicy Air Fryer Mango Candy

Mexican Hot Chocolate Fudge

The flavors of Mexico are captured perfectly in this sweet and spicy fudge recipe. It’s a unique modern-day interpretation of the unique flavors of Mexican chocolate.

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