15 Coolest Shark Tank Foods You Can Order Online

You can order every single one of these cool Shark Tank foods online and have them shipped right to your house. From sweet treats to savory snacks, you are going to want to sink your teeth into all of these goodies featured on Shark Tank!


Featured on Shark Tank Season 4, Episode 2 eCreamery offers a deliciously dizzying variety of ice cream – over 20 flavors! – all made in small batches and packed by the pint with love.

Daisy Cakes

Featured on Shark Tank Season 2, Episode 6 Daisy Cakes offers the sweet flavors of the south in their decadent cakes. From traditional four-layer cakes in flavors to “Cake in a Jar,"  all of the treats are made with farm-fresh ingredients and baked with love.


Featured on Shark Tank Season 10, Episode 22 Go ahead, eat this raw cookie dough with a spoon straight from the container! Bonus: The dough can be scooped and baked, too.

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