Best CBD Seltzers To Try This Year

Looking for a way to destress during the day or relax when you get home? CBD seltzers might be just what you need! These CBD-infused drinks are becoming increasingly popular as more people discover their potential health benefits.


You’ll notice we included both CBD seltzer and CBD sparkling water in our list. So, what’s the difference? The answer lies in how the carbonation in the beverage is produced. Seltzer is simply water that has been artificially infused with carbon dioxide. On the other hand, sparkling water is water that naturally contains carbon dioxide. In terms of health, there is no clear winner between the two types of drinks. Some people prefer the taste of sparkling water, while others find seltzer to be more refreshing. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. And for that reason, we included both for you to choose from.


In addition to CBD seltzers, there are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to CBD-infused drinks. From water to tea and coffee to energy drinks, your CBD will only be a sip away.


Recess Sparkling Water

Perfect for any occasion, Recess is a CBD sparkling water that is infused with hemp and adaptogens to help you ease through the day.

WYLD CBD Sparkling water

WYLD CBD sparkling water is infused with real fruit and contains 25mg of broad spectrum hemp extract. With only 10 calories and 2g of sugar or less per can, it’s a great, refreshing way to get your CBD (THC-free).



CBD American Shaman Sparkling Water

This refreshing CBD sparkling water tastes like sunshine in a can! The Coconut Grapefruit flavor contains real carbonated coconut water. The Watermelon Strawberry Lime flavor contains real carbonated watermelon juice and other natural flavors.

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