From Australia To America, Voodoo Spirit Coffee Is Casting a Spell On Coffee Lovers

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In the world of coffee, there are plenty of boring old blends to choose from. So when a new player comes to town offering caffeinated elixirs and potions from the mystical lands Down Under, it’s worth taking a closer look.

Voodoo Spirit Coffee is a brand that brings both exceptional coffee blends and an intriguing narrative to the forefront of the coffee scene.

Founded in Australia and now making its debut in the United States, Voodoo Spirit Coffee is poised to cast its spell on coffee enthusiasts on both sides of the Pacific.

In this article, we’ll delve into the magical details of Voodoo Spirit Coffee and its unique approach to coffee craftsmanship. Plus we’ll hear directly from company founder Tim Wiles who shares some secrets on what makes Voodoo a standout in the industry.

Prepare to be enchanted by the aroma and flavors of Voodoo Spirit Coffee as it takes the USA by storm. Let’s get started.

Voodoo Spirit Coffee Blends

The Birth of Voodoo Spirit Coffee

Voodoo Spirit Coffee, initially known as Wild Bean Coffee, had its humble beginnings in Sydney, Australia, driven by a unique blend of circumstances.

Originally, the company was a network of 13 cafes and coffee carts under the Wild Bean Coffee banner. However, in 2003, British Petroleum acquired the Wild Bean brand, prompting a transformation.

It was during this transition that the idea of the standalone Voodoo Spirit Coffee company emerged. Founder Tim Wiles always loved the Voodoo blend. The allure of the name and its spiritual connotations to the elements resonated deeply with his passion for coffee.

Much like the rituals of Voodoo, crafting the perfect cup of coffee (and launching a new business!) requires an understanding of various elements and a touch of magic. Thus, Voodoo Coffee was born.

Expansion into the United States

After gaining a strong foothold in the Australian coffee scene, Voodoo Spirit Coffee is ready to make its mark in the United States. The American coffee culture, with its diverse tastes and discerning consumers, presents an exciting opportunity for the brand.

Voodoo currently offers three blends, or potions as Wiles affectionately calls the flavors.

Heart All-Day Coffee: A smooth, all-day coffee with floral and fruity notes upfront, followed by a caramel and dark chocolate finish.

This delightful blend features 100% whole Arabica beans from Papua New Guinea, Colombian Huila, and Tanzania Peaberry for a satisfying, globally-inspired taste.

Voodoo Spirit Coffee Heart All Day Blend

Spirit Organic Blend: This medium roast offers a satisfyingly full mouthfeel, leaving behind a lingering dark chocolate aftertaste.

Made exclusively from 100% organic Arabica beans sourced from Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea, and Peru, it’s a flavorful journey that embodies the essence of nature’s finest coffee regions.

Voodoo Spirit Coffee Spirit Organic Coffee Blend

Double Shot Espresso: Experience the intensity of a Clint Eastwood 1000-yard stare with the Double Shot blend—smooth yet dangerously bold.

Crafted from 100% small-batch roasted whole Arabica beans sourced from Colombia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Indonesia, and Sumatra, it’s a blend that packs a punch to kickstart your day.

Voodoo Spirit Coffee Double Shot Expresso Blend

The company plans to build a product base with these blends and add more products over time. Future expected offerings include cold brews, ready-to-drink brews, coffee liquers and more.

“Q & A” With Voodoo Spirit Founder Tim Wiles

Q. What can customers expect when they try Voodoo Spirit Coffee for the first time?

Wiles: US customers can expect strong, smooth, bold-tasting coffees that are witch-crafted to linger on the tongue long after consumed.

Q. You sometimes refer to your coffee blends as “potions”. Can you tell us how this came about?

Wiles: “Potion” is a direct link to how we see coffee / cold brew and the connotation of Voodoo. We see coffee as an ingredient that is the base for many recipes … resulting in a new beverage or potion. Potions by nature are a mix of ingredients that bring about a desired effect. Whether that’s energy, feeling good, being refreshed or just being social.

Q. Voodoo Spirit has a unique name and distinct visual identity. Can you share the story behind the company’s branding?

Wiles: Voodoo has such a deep meaning. Coffee is a natural product with each coffee origin having its own distinct flavour, regional spirit and personality.

The visual identity and illustrations allow us to link the characters to our products and show their personality. The illustrative style is designed to grab attention but also get people to want to learn more and ponder if these characters have meaning.

Q. What unique qualities or flavors does Voodoo Spirit Coffee bring to American coffee enthusiasts?

Wiles: As we have been roasting and blending coffee since 1997, we have a good understanding of bringing out the best flavours in each coffee. The beans we use and the way we roast is different than in the US. Our taste objective evolves around chocolate and berry with each blend having a unique finishing flavour like pepper, spice, and/or citrus.

Q. What is your favorite type of Voodoo Spirit coffee?

Wiles: My favourite is Double Shot. As the name suggests it is a strong, bold blend. I generally drink short blacks as I hate hiding the flavour with milk or sugar.

I also love cold brew! Our blends make an amazing rich flavoured cold brew and concentrate.

Q. Are there any plans for Voodoo Spirit Coffee to introduce unique or trend-setting coffee products to the US market?

Wiles: Voodoo Spirit will soon launch a frozen coffee concentrate and a ready-to-drink cold brew in a can. We will be working with distilleries to develop a Voodoo Spirit Coffee Liqueur and other unique coffee-based “hard” cold brew varieties.

In Australia, we also just launched a ready-to-drink coffee cola … stay turned USA!

Final Thoughts On Voodoo Spirit Coffee

The arrival of Voodoo Spirit Coffee in the US market from its origins in Australia marks an exciting milestone in the world of artisanal coffee. It’s also a reminder of the universal love for a great cup of coffee.

Combining the rich heritage of Australian coffee culture with a splash of voodoo mystique, this brand offers unique, delicious coffee options that promise to enchant the American coffee scene.

As Voodoo Spirit Coffee weaves its magic across the coffee landscape, we’re excited to see what they come up with next!

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