Review: Chipwich Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich (3 Flavors)

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The Original Chipwich is back … and it’s amazing.

Chipwich started the ice cream cookie sandwich craze in the 1980’s. Then in 2011, The Original Chipwich disappeared from store shelves. Thankfully and much to the delight of ice cream sandwich fans everywhere, this iconic treat re-appeared in 2018.

Since the re-launch of the classic Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich, two additional flavors have been introduced: Birthday Cake and Cookies & Cream.

The Original Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwich Flavors

Why Are Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwiches So Good?

The New York Times has dubbed these “#1 Frozen Treat” and I have to agree. The Chipwich is honestly one of the best ice cream treats there is.

But what exactly makes them so uncommonly good? It really comes down to a few things: taste, texture and the nostalgia.

The Original Chipwich

Samples provided by The Original Chipwich. As always, all opinions are my own.


“Rich and creamy premium ice cream, fresh-baked cookies, and real chocolate chips – all in the same bite. It’s cold, creamy, chocolatey, AND crunchy!”

The Original Chipwich

You know how sometimes products are called “premium” or “gourmet”, but there is nothing really special about them?  That could not be further from the truth with The Original Chipwich. You can taste the quality ingredients. The velvety ice cream and the unbelievably soft cookie create the perfect marriage of flavors.

The Original Chipwich Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

This classic flavor features fresh-baked chocolate chunk cookies, with premium vanilla ice cream and rolled in real mini chocolate chips.

You can’t beat a classic. I love the 2 new flavors, but the Original Chocolate Chip flavor is still my personal favorite.

Original Chipwich Vanilla Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Sandwich

The Original Chipwich Birthday Ice Cream Sandwich

This flavor features fresh-baked sugar cookies, with premium birthday cake-flavored ice cream and rolled in colorful, rainbow sprinkles.

The Birthday Cake flavor is a fan-favorite for kids and grown-ups alike. The sugar cookies are perfectly soft with a light coating of sugar for a nice pop of texture. The birthday cake ice cream is sweet, without being overwhelming. And the sprinkles are the icing on the cake.

Original Chipwich Birthday Cake Ice Cream Sandwich

The Original Chipwich Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Sandwich

This flavor features fresh-baked brownie cookies, with premium cookies & cream ice cream and rolled in real mini chocolate chips.

Using a brownie cookie was a smart move for this flavor. The nice chewy brownie cookie paired with the super cream ice cream works really well together. The cookie pieces in the ice cream and the chocolate chips add nice visual appeal.

Original Chipwich Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich


I have no idea how they do it, but the ice cream and cookie are so soft and delicious directly from the freezer. You don’t need to let them thaw at all. They just melt in your mouth. It’s really something special.

Original Chipwich Ice Cream Sandwiches

Even The New York Times said it “has an ideal softness all the way through … The cookie is frozen but completely tender — exactly as tender as the ice cream itself.”

While the ice cream and cookies are soft and tender, the sandwiches also offer a nice contrasting texture. The Original and Cookies & Cream sandwiches are rolled in crunchy mini chocolate chips.

The Birthday Cake sandwich has bright, colorful sprinkles on the edge of the ice cream, and the cookie itself is crusted in sugar.


The Chipwich was introduced in New York in 1978. According to Wikipedia, they sold about 25,000 from street carts on the first day. Despite the early success, the company struggled independently and the brand ultimately ended up being owned by Nestle, who then shut down production due to competition with their own brand of sandwich.

But we can thank our lucky stars because Crave Better Foods LLC acquired the brand in 2017 and the Original Chipwich re-launched in 2018.

“Despite its seven-year absence, there remains great affection for the Original Chipwich brand. We made good on those memories by bringing back Chipwich with the best possible ingredients.”

David Clarke, CEO of Crave Better Foods


The Original Chipwich is available major grocery and convenience stores across the United States. A product locator is available on the Chipwich website.

So let’s all do our part and make sure The Original Chipwich stays around for a long time to come. Go out and buy some now. You won’t be disappointed.

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  2. I have never heard of these, but they look delicious! I love that you said the texture is right on! I will have to keep an eye out for them!


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