The Original Chipwich is Back!

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The Original Chipwich is back … and it’s amazing.

The Original Chipwich

I could end the review here, because really, that’s all you need to know. But I’m guessing you might appreciate a few more details so here we go.

The folks at The Original Chipwich were kind enough to send us several boxes to try (thank you!), so I had plenty of opportunity to really analyze why they are so uncommonly good. It comes down to a few things: taste, texture and the nostalgia.

Let’s start with taste.

You know how sometimes products are called “premium” or “gourmet”, but there is nothing really special about them?  That could not be further from the truth with The Original Chipwich. You can taste the quality ingredients in the velvety ice cream, the soft cookie and the chocolate chips. The perfect marriage of flavors.

Now on to the texture.

I have no idea how they do it, but the ice cream and cookie are so soft and delicious directly from the freezer. You don’t need to let them thaw at all. They just melt in your mouth. It’s really something special. Even The New York Times said it “has an ideal softness all the way through … The cookie is frozen but completely tender — exactly as tender as the ice cream itself.”

And finally, the nostalgia.

The Chipwich was introduced in New York in 1978. According to Wikipedia, they sold about 25,000 from street carts on the first day! Despite the early success, the company struggled independently and the brand ultimately ended up being owned by Nestle, who then shut down production due to competition with their own brand of sandwich.

But we can thank our lucky stars because Crave Better Foods LLC acquired the brand in 2017 and the Chipwich re-launched this year.

“Despite its seven-year absence, there remains great affection for the Original Chipwich brand,” explains David Clarke, CEO of Crave Better Foods. “We made good on those memories by bringing back Chipwich with the best possible ingredients.”

The Original Chipwich is available major grocery and convenience stores in the northeast United States from Philadelphia to Boston, with more being added daily. You can even sign up on their website to be alerted when the product comes to your area. Visit

So let’s all do our part and make sure The Original Chipwich stays around for a long time to come. Go out and buy some now!

13 thoughts on “The Original Chipwich is Back!”

  1. OMG! Why is it that I can eat all I want and never gain an ounce! This looks absolutely irresistible! I think, I may have to go look for it! It has been way too long since I’ve had a cookie/ice cream sandwich! ???

  2. I have never heard of these, but they look delicious! I love that you said the texture is right on! I will have to keep an eye out for them!


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