The Best of Oreo in 2019

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Oreo started 2019 off strong! In the month of January alone, SIX new products hit shelves! It’s an Oreo lovers dream come true and a New Year’s resolution dieter’s worst nightmare.

Let’s take a look at what Oreo products have been released so far this year and what’s on the horizon for the remainder of 2019!

New Oreo Cookie Releases in 2019

Dark Chocolate Oreo

Dark Chocolate Oreo

Nabisco started out the year by adding two new permanent Oreo flavors to their lineup, the first being the Dark Chocolate Oreo. Check out our Instagram page to read our mini review! These are now available at most major retailers and on Amazon.

Carrot Cake Oreo

Carrot Cake Oreo

The new Carrot Cake Oreo was released sooner than expected! This permanent new flavor features a carrot cake flavored cookie with cream cheese frosting flavored creme. Check out our mini review on Instagram. These are now available at most major retailers and on Amazon.

Oreo Thin Bites White Fudge Dipped

Oreo Thins Bites – White Fudge Dipped

Every holiday season, Oreo releases their White Fudge Oreo. They are delicious! You can now enjoy this bite-sized version all year long! These are now available at most major retailers and on Amazon.

Fudge Covered Oreo

Fudge Covered Oreo

Not only did Nabisco release Fudge Covered Oreos, Fudge Covered Nutter Butters also joined the party. These have already been spotted on shelves at some major retailers, including Target!

2019 Limited Edition Oreo Flavors

Game of Thrones Oreos

These limited edition Game of Thrones Oreos were released in spring and branded after HBO’s hit fantasy series. Nothing special about the flavor as they are just plain chocolate Oreos. However, they do feature embossments that represent House Lannister, House Targaryen, House Stark and The Night King.  #ForTheThrone

Smores Oreo Cookie Package

S’mores Oreo

Marshmallow, chocolate and graham – oh my! The Limited Edition S’mores Oreo is making a comeback! This flavor was first released in 2016 and will be returning to store shelves around April.

Limited Edition Easter Egg Oreo Cookies

Easter Egg Oreo

These Limited Edition Easter Egg Oreo feature purple creme filling and cookies that are shaped like Easter Eggs!

Limited Edition Love Oreo

Love, Oreo

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Love, Oreo features chocolate sandwich cookies and sweet & tangy flavored creme. And let’s not forget the sweet messages printed on each cookie. Check out our review on Instagram – it may surprise you!

Limited Edition Most Stuf Oreo

The Most Stuf Oreo

The most creme filling EVER in an Oreo cookie! It looks like they doubled the double stuffed! Check out our Instagram page to find out what we thought of this highly anticipated Most Stuf Oreo.

More New Oreo Products

Duncan Hines Perfect For One Oreo Cake

Duncan Hines Perfect Size For 1 Oreo Cake

This Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 treat is a cookie and cream cake mix with chunks of Oreo cookie mixed in. Two other flavors, Chips Ahoy and Honey Maid S’mores, are also available. View this Oreo cake on Instagram.

Deep Fried Oreos from Sonic

Deep Fried Oreos from Sonic

The hot fried Oreos from Sonic come with a side of cool ice cream. The perfect hot and cold combo! Also available are Cinnabon Cinnsnacks. Learn more about these limited edition treats from Sonic here.

Oreo Cream Filled Easter Eggs

Oreo Cream Filled Easter Eggs

This 5 pack of Oreo Eggs is an easter basket must have! They are chocolate eggs with cream filling and cookie pieces. View these Oreo Eggs on Instagram.

Spring Oreo Cookies With Yellow Cream

Spring Oreo Cookies With Yellow Cream

The Spring Oreo Cookies are basic Oreos with fun yellow cream filling and 3 spring shapes imprinted on the cookie. View more here.

Cookies and Cream Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar

Cookies and Cream Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar

The Cookies and Cream Oreo Candy bar is pretty much just like it sounds. A white chocolate bar with bits of Oreo mixed in. Get more details in our Instagram review.

Mint Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix

Mint Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix

Mint and hot chocolate are great. Add Oreo to the mix … perfection! Learn more about this Mint Oreo Hot Cocoa Mix here.

Oreos Coming Soon in 2019

Buttered Popcorn Oreo

According to rumblings on the internet, the Limited Edition Buttered Popcorn Oreo is scheduled to be released right before summer.

Oreo Thins Latte

These will be the newest edition to the Oreo Thins family. Coffee lovers rejoice!

Stay Tuned…

We are so excited to see what other permanent flavors, limited edition flavors and tasty treats Oreo has in store for us this year!

We will be updating this post frequently, so check back soon for the latest Oreo updates! Also, be sure to check out The BEST of Reese’s Peanut Butter 2018 and The Best of Reese’s Peanut Butter 2019.

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