7 Must Try Snack Subscription Boxes

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Monthly snack subscription boxes are a fun way to try new goodies. There are lots of great options to choose from, including international snack subscription boxes, healthy snacks, indulgent sweets, and companies that give back.

In this article, we’ve narrowed down your options to present you with some of the most popular and best snack subscription boxes currently available.

Due to a change in ownership in March 2024 and learning about some unfortunate events occurring under the new management, we can no longer in good faith recommend MunchPak subscription boxes.
We suggest you consider Universal Yums instead.

At a glance, here are our top 3 picks:

  1. MunchPak
  2. Universal Yums
  3. TokyoTreat

How to Pick the Best Snack Subscription Boxes

I might be a bit biased, but in my opinion, one of the best perks of living in the modern era is the ability to have the best snacks delivered right to your door. Anytime you want. In regular intervals. From almost anywhere!

And thanks to the recent boom of international snack subscription boxes, it’s never been easier to set yourself up to receive monthly treats from around the world.

There are companies that have fun subscription snack box themes, include specialty ingredients, highlight various countries, and offer treats for specific dietary needs like gluten-free, low carb or vegan snacks.

But how can you tell which are the best snack subscription boxes for you? Here’s what we recommend.

  1. Decide on the type of snacks you want. Do you want junk food from a variety of countries, snacks only from a specific country, healthy treats, just candy?
  2. Decide how many snacks you want. The smallest box we’ve seen had just 5 snacks and the largest ones have over 100!
  3. Determine your budget. Expect to spend at least $20 per month.
  4. Determine the subscription length. Do you want a one-time box or would you like to sign up for a year? The longer your subscription, the less you will pay per box.
  5. Select a box from the list below. You’ll find a wide range of snack boxes for your budget and preferences.

7 Best Snack Subscription Boxes

1. Best International Snack Box Featuring Multiple Countries

Our Pick: MunchPak

Unfortunately, we no longer recommend MunchPak as a top snack subscription box option. Please consider one of the other reputable companies on our list below.

2. Best International Snack Box Featuring One Country

Our Pick: Universal Yums

“Snacks and candies from a different country every month.”

Universal Yums Monthly Snack Subscription Box Logo

About The Universal Yums Subscription Box 

This is not just a monthly snack box. It is one of the best international snack subscription boxes because it combines tasty snacks AND a sense of adventure.

With every box, you’ll receive a collection of sweet and salty snacks from one select country. You’ll also get a fun booklet that includes information about the snacks as well as the region’s trivia and recipes.

Why You’ll Like Universal Yums

This box is particularly great if you’ve got kids in the house, since it combines yummy snacks with geography and cultural studies. The entire family can go on a global trip each month as you enjoy munching snacks and learning about a new country together.

Read our full in-depth Universal Yums review here.

Universal Yums International Snack Subscription Boxes

How Much Is Universal Yums Per Month?

The Yum Box contains 5-7 snacks and costs around $15.00 per month. The largest box, the Super Yum Box, contains 18-20 snacks and costs about $42.00 per month. The price of the boxes includes shipping (US only).

Also available From Universal Yums

Check out their Yum Shop to browse a selection of individual snacks. This option allows you to try a single snack before investing in a subscription.

Or if you already have a subscription, you can buy more of your favorite snacks and treats from the monthly boxes.

3. Best Japanese Snack Subscription Box

Our Pick: TokyoTreat

Discover Japanese snacks through limited-time and seasonal snacks that will shock your senses

Toyko Treat Monthly Japanese Snack and Candy Subscription Box

About TokyoTreat Subscription Boxes

This unique subscription delivers exclusive Japanese snacks to you each month. The shipment comes straight from Japan so you always get the best and newest snacks the country has to offer.

Crates include Japanese snacks like candy and chips. Some popular brands that you may get in your box include exclusive Kit Kat, Hi-Chew, Oreo, Pretz and Pocky.

Toyko Treat Monthly Japanese Snack and Candy Subscription Boxes

Why You’ll Like TokyoTreat

This subscription is perfect for getting a taste of Japanese culture. You’ll notice right away that the snacks are bright, and colorful and often have cute little Kawaii characters on them.

Some of the treats are familiar, like gummies and chips, but they all have a special Japanese uniqueness to them. Sometimes it’s an exotic or interesting flavor. Other times it’s a slightly different texture or color.

And I promise you, many of the snacks you’ve never seen or heard of before. Read our full review here.

How Much Is A TokyoTreat Subscription?

TokyoTreat offers one box that includes 15-20 full-size snacks plus soda. Depending on your subscription length, TokyoTreat starts around $37.00 plus shipping.

4. Best Indian Subscription Box

Our Pick: IndiFix

“Full-size premium Indian snacks delivered each month.”

IndiFix Indian Snack Subscription Box Logo

About The IndiFix Subscription Box

IndiFix offers an assortment of authentic Indian snacks and treats delivered to anywhere in the US.

With this monthly subscription service, you’ll receive a box of hand-selected delicious Indian snacks such as potato chips, chocolate, candies, cookies, sodas, juices, noodles and more.

IndiFix Snack Subscription Box

Why You’ll Like IndiFix

This box is packed with full-size treats. The packaging is gorgeous too. It’s brightly colored with ornate Indian patterns. They also include an insert that describes all of the treats.

Another great feature is that for each food box purchased, IndiFix donates at least one meal to an Indian child in need.

How much is an IndiFix subscription?

An Original Fix box has 12 Indian snacks and costs around $35 per month. The Super Fix box has over 20 snacks and costs around $49.00 per month.

To save money, you can choose a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription. Prices include free shipping within the US.

5. Best Healthy Snack Subscription

Our Pick: UrthBox

“The best way to discover healthy new foods, beverages, snacks and more delivered every month.”

Urthbox Healthy Snack Subscription Box logo

About The UrthBox Subscription Box

Be surprised each month with a box filled with full-size snacks and treats that are good for you and the planet!

Snacks and beverages included are non-GMO, organic, and/or all-natural. They also have options for vegan or gluten-free diets. Products that must pass strict ingredient, sourcing, calorie, nutrition and manufacturing standards.

There are several size options, from the Mini box with at least 7 items each month, up to a Large snack box that’s loaded with a minimum of 27 products.

Monthly subscription boxes include a few extra goodies, too, such as samples of supplements, personal hygiene products, gourmet items and more.

UrthBox Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Diet Subscription Boxes

Why You’ll Like UrthBox 

The snacks are all on the healthier side without being, well, too healthy tasting. You simply get clean and non-GMO versions of the goodies you know and love, like crackers, granola, trail mixes, chocolates, chips, cookies, snack bars, dried meats, specialty juices and even superfoods.

It’s also a nice touch that monthly boxes include some non-food items. There is always a surprise of personal items or fun new kitchen stuff to try.

How Much Is An UrthBox Subscription?

UrthBox currently offers 4 different size boxes. The mini box costs around $22.00 per month. The largest box costs around $50.00 per month. Prices include free shipping within the US.

6. Best Candy Subscription Box

Our Pick: Candy Club

“Live Sweetly – An Extraordinary Candy Experience”

Candy Club Subscription Box Logo

About The Candy Club Subscription Box

These subscription boxes are all about the candy!

Select the Fun candy box with 6 small candy cups, or for serious candy fanatics choose the Party candy box that has 6 large candy cups. Each month the cups are filled with a curated selection of artisan candies for you to try.

There are also one-time gift boxes you can send that are packed with either sweet or sour snacks!

Candy Club Subscription Boxes

Why You’ll Like Candy Club

I mean… What’s NOT to love? It’s candy. Delivered right to you. Every month!

The packaging is bubbly and bright, and makes this the best snack box subscription for those candy cravers in your life. And the candies included are almost always different, so you get a new surprise every month.

You can browse the Candy Club website to check out the mix of sweet, sour, unique and vintage candies that just might be included in the next premium box.

How much is a Candy Club Subscription?

You can get your first box for $29.99 including free shipping. The Fun box with 6 jars of candy costs around $30. Get double the amount of candy for only $10 more. Unlike some other boxes, the prices don’t include shipping.

They offer a “Love Your Candy Guarantee”. If you don’t love the candy, they will replace it free of charge.

7. Best Subscription Box For College Students

Our Pick: My College Crate

College & School Care Packages Made Simple

My College Crate Logo

About The My College Crate Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are based on the collegiate schedule and what may be going on in your student’s life, as well as upcoming holidays and events along the way.

Each month the boxes contain snacks like candy, chocolate bars, potato chips, microwavable meals, school essentials, healthy snacks, seasonal surprises, and so much more.

My College Crate Subscription Box Care Package

Why You’ll Like My College Crate

Sending a My College Crate for your student is like sending a box of hugs. Because they include such a great variety of snacks and essentials, you’ve got all bases covered to make sure your student has everything they need.

You can set them up with a box subscription to get snacks every month or send one-time care packages with a fun theme. My College Crate has boxes for movie night, gluten-free and vegan snacks, or specialized gifts for men and women.

How Much Is A My College Crate Subscription?

There are quite a few different box types to choose from, so the price will vary. Each box comes with a different number and type of snacks.

Some also include other helpful products like soap or cleaning products. Different theme boxes, like for Valentine’s Day, are available too.

Several boxes start around $25. On the higher end, some of the bigger, more elaborate boxes have a price closer to $50.

8. Best Variety of Snack Subscription Boxes

Our Pick: Cratejoy

“Find the perfect snacks with unique subscription boxes for nearly every interest.

Cratejoy Unique Subscription Boxes Logo

About CrateJoy Subscription Boxes

Cratejoy is a subscription box website with a huge selection of food and snack subscription boxes for everything from dessert to pasta to beer to scones. They also have other types of boxes for every person, interest and occasion you can think of.

Why You’ll Like Cratejoy

It’s a one-stop shop for food and drink subscription boxes.

  • You can get a classic box filled with familiar treats like potato chips and candy.
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, maybe try a monthly box with international treats like Japanese snacks.
  • If you have dietary limitations, you’ll find plenty of keto, gluten-free, paleo, high-protein, low-sugar, plant-based vegan choices.
  • If you like making your own snacks, check out the cooking & baking boxes. Plus there are boxes filled with just spices and sauces.
  • To support small businesses, you can find a snack of the month club packed with small-batch treats.

You can easily lose track of time browsing the website. There is something for every price range (some boxes start under $10), dietary restriction (keto, gluten-free, vegan, low-sugar, etc), and palate (sweet, savory, spicy, adventurous!).

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