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Reindeer Rice Krispies Treats

Reindeer Rice Krispies Treats

These cute little reindeer rice krispies treats are so fun and easy to make! They are perfect for a holiday party treat or a snack for the kids to take to school. You could even give them as gifts. Just put them in a little clear gift bag (like these from Wilton), tie it up with a pretty ribbon (tons of cute options here) and add a printable gift tag (Pinterest has some great choices – many you can download for free!)


So let’s talk about what you need to make these Reindeer Rice Krispies Treats.

– Box of Rice Krispies Treats 
I used the regular, original flavor treats, but cocoa krispies treats would be cute too. These Rice Krispies Treat Sheets are pretty cool as well. And of course, you can always make your own cereal treats from scratch.

– Red M&M’s
Skittles or other little red candy would work too.

– Candy Eyeballs 
These come in multiple sizes. Look for the small size, unless you really want your reindeer to have huge eyeballs!

– White Cookie Icing
I find cookie icing and frosting pouches to be super easy and convenient. I re-use them for lots of projects where you just need a bit of frosting like these pencil cookies. But you could also melt some chocolate, put in a plastic baggy, cut of the corner and squeeze onto your krispie treat.

– Popsicle Sticks
Nothing fancy here. Just make sure they are food safe and you’re good to go.


Did you try this recipe for REINDEER RICE KRISPIES TREATS?

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Reindeer Rice Krispies Treats

Cute, easy and delicious! Holiday treats don't get much better than that! 

Author: The Three Snackateers
  • 1 package Rice Krispies Treats
  • 1 bag Red M&M's or other small red candy
  • 1 package Small Candy Eyeballs
  • 1 pouch White Cookie Icing
  • 1 bag Twist Pretzels
  • Popsicle Sticks
  1. Unwrap your Rice Krispies Treats.

  2. Insert a popsicle stick into the middle of the top of the treat.

  3. Break your pretzels into large antler pieces. Carefully press antlers into each side near the top.  Be gentle - the pieces can break easily!

  4. Add three dots of icing - two for the eyes and one for the nose.

  5. Press your candy eyeballs and red candy on to the dots of icing.

  6. Allow the icing to set for at least 30 minutes. 

  7. Enjoy!

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This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read our disclosure policy for more information.

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