17 Best Mail Order Bakery Cookies To Buy Online in 2021

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Did you know some of the BEST bakery cookies in the country can be ordered online from gourmet cookie shops and delivered right to your door?

We polled our readers to get suggestions on the very best cookies from coast to coast. From classic chocolate chip to stuffed unicorn cookies to one-pound mega cookies, the perfect cookie is just a click away.

Insanely Awesome Bakery Cookies You Need In Your Life and Delivered To Your Doorstep

The Best Mail Order Bakery Cookies To Buy Online


Gooey on the Inside Cookies
Credit: Gooey on the Inside

Gooey On The Inside’s Claim to Fame:
New York City’s Best Ooey Gooey Cookies

Noteworthy Flavors:
Birthday Cake, Dunkaroo, S’mores, Cap’n Crunch, Cuppa Joe, Chocolate Chip Chunk

INSIDER TIP! Gooey On The Inside Cookies should always be eaten warm for maximum gooey enjoyment.

Gooey on the Inside Cookies Chocolate Chip
Credit: Gooey on the Inside

Also Available from Gooey On The Inside:
Goowees (cookie bites) and All Thing Jars (molten cookie & soft-baked cookie dough) in a jar

Gooey On The Inside Location:
New York City

Gooey On The Inside Ordering Info: 
Place an order online for nationwide delivery online on Goldbelly. Or check the Gooey On The Inside website for other ordering and delivery options.


Big Fat Cookie - Best Mail Order Cookies To Order Online
Image Credit: Big.Fat.Cookie

Big.Fat.Cookie Claim to Fame: 
“Beast of a cookie” Huge, gooey and extremely creative cookie flavors. Recommended to be served as heat n’ eat or slice n’ share!

Big.Fat.Cookie Noteworthy Flavors:
Quadruple Chocolate with Fluff, Marshmallow & S’mores, Peanut Butter Topped with Puppy Chow, plus tons of over the top seasonal flavors.

Also Available from Big.Fat.Cookie
Custom flavors – “If it can be put into a cookie we can make it for you!”

Big.Fat.Cookie Location:
Chicago, IL

Big.Fat.Cookie Ordering Info:
Order cookies online at Goldbelly for nationwide shipping.  Local Chicago pickup and delivery may also be available by contacting Big.Fat.Cookie directly.


Baked In Color Cookies - Best Mail Order Cookies to Order Online
Image Credit: Baked In Color Cookies

Baked In Color Claim to Fame:
Bright, colorful rainbow chocolate chip cookies that are sold by the jarful.

Baked In Color Noteworthy Flavors:

  • Brookie cakes (brownie bottom, oreo inside and rainbow chocolate chip cookie top)
  • Stuffed Brookie Cakes (Fudge brownie bottom, chocolate chip cookie top and your favorite chocolate bar in the middle. Twix, KitKat, Reeses or 100K – you choose the inside!)
  • S’more Cookie Cake (graham cracker crust, marshmallow and chocolate chip inside and a massive rainbow cookie top, sprinkled with more marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate chips)

Also Available from Baked In Color:
Special events, corporate orders, catering.

Baked In Color Location:
New York, NY

Baked In Color Online Ordering Information:
Order cookies online from Goldbelly for nationwide shipping.

David’s Cookies Claim to Fame:
Tins of fresh-baked cookies and ready-to-bake cookie dough

David’s Cookies Noteworthy Flavors:
Cherry with white chip, rainbow candy, snickerdoodle. Also check out this super fun rainbow cake that was even featured on QVC.

Our David’s Cookies Review
David’s sent us some cookies, and cookie dough to try. 

David’s Cookies: Flavors in their assorted cookie tin include Peanut Butter with Peanut Butter Chips, Chocolate Chunk, Double Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin and Cherry White Chip. The cookies are delicious! They are the perfect soft texture. The Peanut Butter cookies were my favorite. They almost melt in your mouth! 

David's Cookies Variety Tin

David’s Cookie Dough: The cookie dough comes in a variety of flavors including Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle, Macadamia White Chip, Candy, Oatmeal Raisin, Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip, and a super fun and color Play Cookie Dough.

Davids Cookies Play Cookie Dough
Credit: David’s Cookies

Also Available from David’s Cookie:
Brownies, crumb cakes, cakes, birthday cakes, cheesecake, cookie cakes, specialty holiday treats. Cookie, brownie, cheesecake and dessert of the month clubs.

David’s Cookies Ordering Information:

Order David’s Cookies online for nationwide shipping.


The Cookie Joint Claim to Fame:
Cookie Fries! Their signature Cookie Fry is a shortbread cookie cut to look like a crinkle-cut french fry. They come in a classic french fry package with a side of dipping sauce. They were even featured on Oprah’s “O List” and the Cookie Fry was a secret ingredient on the Food Network show “Chopped”!

The Cookie Joint - Cookie Fries with dipping sauces
Image: The Cookie Joint

The Cookie Joint Noteworthy Flavors:
Cookie Fries come in basic flavors like shortbread, chocolate chip, double chocolate and confetti. Or you can also be more adventurous and choose something like cinnamon spice, cookies n’ cream, mint or chocolate toffee crunch.

Just like real fries, these cookie fries need a dipping sauce. You won’t find ketchup here. But you will find yummy sauces like marshmallow, salted caramel, hazelnut, peanut butter and chocolate.

The Cookie Joint - Cookie Fries with caramel drizzle and chocolate chips
Credit: The Cooke Joint

Also Available from The Cookie Joint:
Special occasion baskets, gourmet cookies and gift cards.

The Cookie Joint Ordering Information:
Order for nationwide shipping from Goldbelly. Or visit The Cookie Joint website for retail locations in the Chicagoland area.


JL Cakes Claim To Fame:
Home of New Hampshire’s Famous Whoopie Pie. More than a cookie and not quite a cake … it’s a whoopie pie! 

Image: JL Cakes

JL Cakes Noteworthy Flavors:
They offer a wide selection of mouthwatering whoopie pie flavors that go way beyond classic vanilla and chocolate (although they offer both of those as well.) Here are just a few of the yummy flavors listed: Snickers Chunk, Maple Creme, Mint Chip Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Churro, Black Raspberry, Baklava, Cookie & Cream.  Click here to see the full list. 

JL Cakes Whoopie Pies Flavors
Image: JL Cakes

Also available from JL Cakes:
One of their fun offerings is the Snowball! It’s a small chocolate or vanilla cake, covered in fluffy coconut frosting and rolled in shredded coconut. 

JL Cakes Snow Ball Cakes

JL Cakes Location:
JL Cakes is located in New Hampshire. Visit their website for the store locator.

JL Cakes Ordering Info:
Visit the JL Cakes website to order treats online for nationwide delivery.


Christie Cookie Co Claim to Fame:
Based in Nashville, the Christie Cookie bakery was voted “Best Cookie in the South” by Southern Living Magazine.

Christie Cookie Co chocolate chip cookie
Credit: Christie Cookie Co

Christie Cookie Co Noteworthy Flavors: 
Christie Cookie Co offers 3 signature flavors which are chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut and oatmeal raisin. Each month they also offer a featured flavor.

Also Available from Christie Cookie Co:
Moist triple chocolate brownies that can be ordered separately or in a combo tin with cookies.

They also offer their very own brand of dark, full-bodied Columbian coffee that pairs perfected with sweets!

Christie Cookie Co - Cookies and Brownies
Credit: Christie Cookie Co

Christie Cookie Location:
Nashville, TN

Christie Cookie Co Ordering Info:
Order cookies online for nationwide delivery. Nashville store locations and information about local delivery are also available on the Christie Cookie website.


Mrs. Chips Cookies Claim to Fame:
Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside cookies with a “ridiculous chip to cookie ratio”. And free shipping on all orders nationwide too!

Mrs. Chips Cookies

Mrs. Chips Cookies Review:
Mrs. Chips Cookies offer 3 handmade cookie flavors that have a touch of crisp on the outside and a perfectly chewy “brownie-like” center. The flavors are:

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: Topped with a dash of Maldon Sea Salt Flakes in their trademark chewy vanilla dough.

    If you’re craving a good ol’ chocolate chip cookie, these will do the trick! Plenty of things to love here: big plentiful chocolate chips; a thick cookie you can really sink your teeth into and just a touch of sea salt for balance.

    These are excellent to eat straight from the package, but I kicked it up a notch. A few seconds in the microwave, paired with vanilla ice cream = heaven!
Mrs Chips Cookies Chocolate Chip Closeup
  • S’mores Cookies: Semi-sweet chocolate chips, real marshmallows, and real graham crackers enveloped in their trademark creamy chocolate dough.

    One look at this cookie and you immediately know you’re about to enjoy some S’mores goodness. Look at those huge chunks of graham cracker, marshmallow and chocolate chips!
Mrs Chips Cookies Smores
  • Rainbow Sprinkle Cookies: All natural Rainbow Sprinkles are added to their trademark vanilla cookie dough with a touch of Edible Glitter on top.

    This simple, but delicious cookie was my personal favorite of the three I tried. The center of this thick cookie is chewy and packed with sweet, pure vanilla flavor. The colorful sprinkles are plentiful, but don’t leave a waxy feeling or unpleasant taste in your mouth like some of the inexpensive sprinkles sometimes do.

Also Available from Mrs. Chips Cookies:
Join the Cookie Club, a quarterly gift cookie delivery service.

Mrs. Chips Cookies Ordering Info:
Place an order online for nationwide delivery with FREE shipping.


Mrs. Field’s Claim to Fame:

Gourmet cookies (and cookie cakes, brownies, berries, pretzels and more) that can be personalized and shipped nationwide.

Mrs Fields Cookie Tin
Image: Mrs. Field’s

Mrs. Field’s Noteworthy Flavors:

They offer an assortment of classic cookie flavors like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, cinnamon sugar, white chocolate macadamia and frosted sugar cookies.

Brownie Bites come in double fudge, blondie and toffee fudge.

The cool thing though, is that you can customize your entire order. First, you select a tin (24 choices) or a basket (72 choices)!

Then you can pick and choose the exact assortment of cookie and brownies, select your choice of ribbon and ship it off for nationwide delivery.

Also Available from Mrs. Fields’s:
Cookie cakes, coffee cakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, decorated rice krispie treats and more.

Mrs Fields Cookie Cake
Image: Mrs. Field’s

Mrs. Field’s Ordering Info:
Place an order online on Mrs. Field’s website or use the store locator to find a cookie store location.


Operation Cookies
Image Credit: Operation Cookies

Operation Cookies Claim To Fame:
Called the ”Best Cookies On Earth” by their customers, these cookies come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! You won’t need it though. 🙂

About Operation Cookies:
The company was founded by Paul and Angie, a military couple with a passion for baking and service.

When Paul was deployed overseas, Angie made over 20 care packages and these weren’t your ordinary care packages. Each came with a separate theme in an oversized bankers box. They were stuffed full of goodies, treats, and of course – her homemade cookies.

Now that passion has become a business that gives back. They regularly send batches of cookies to active service members on deployment, as well as support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Our Thoughts:
We tried the chocolate chip, peanut butter, chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and their newest addition, Andes Mint Chocolate Chip. You can taste the love and attention in every bite of these cookies. They arrived so fresh, soft and packed with flavor.

The flavor choices are classics and they really don’t need any bells and whistles. They taste like recipes perfected over time – just like mom makes.

If you’re in the mood for delicious, homemade cookies that also support a great cause, then look no further. Operation Cookies is a winner in our book! We hope you give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Operation Cookies Location:
New Kensington, PA

Ordering Info:
Order cookies online for USA & APO/FPO shipping

Best Gourmet Brownies For Delivery


Orange Truffle - The Finer Cookie
Image Credit: The Finer Cookie

Claim To Fame:
Impressive, delicious, delectable, and luxurious cookies created by trained pastry chefs and master cookie makers. Elegant packaging options (think gold-trimmed gift boxes in Snow White, Rose Pink, or Tiffany Blue!) make a statement and are perfect for gift giving.

Noteworthy Flavors:
Orange Truffles, Maple Madeleines, Salty Sesame and Dark Chocolate Chip, Bacon Fat Gingersnaps, Mole, Coffee Shortbread and more.

Our Finer Cookie Review:
The Finer Cookie sure knows how to make a gal feel special! From the moment I opened the shipping box, I knew I was in for a treat. The beautiful packaging definitely makes a statement.

We received a sampler of 7 different types cookies from The Finer Cookie (thanks!).

Each type of cookie was meticulously packaged with care. Every cookie was the perfect texture – the gingersnaps were crisp yet airy, the madeleines were soft and buttery, the lemon white chocolate mint were soft with a slight crumble.

The company offers a wide variety of unique flavors and each is executed perfectly. The difference is in the details and The Finer Cookie delivers on it’s promise of a level of quality and taste you won’t find anywhere else.

Also Available:
Cookie gift boxes and party favors for wedding, baptisms, baby showers and events.

The Finer Cookie Location:
Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Ordering Information:
Order cookies online for delivery to Canada and United States (continental 48 only)


City Cake Cookies - Best Mail Order Cookies To Order Online
Image Credit: City Cake Cookies

Claim to Fame:
“The Cake Shop Known For Cookies” High-end stunning cakes, gourmet cupcakes and some of the world’s best cookies, including a signature line weighing in at a half pound each and a Stacked Half Pound Cookie Cake

Noteworthy Flavors:
Stuffed Red Velvet, Nutella-filled Macamochip, Marbleized Almond and Matcha

Our City Cakes Review: 
City Cakes was generous enough to send us four of their amazing cookies to try! Flavors included Reese’s Peanut Butter, Signature Sugardoodle, Killer Stuffed Red Velvet and Rich Chocolate Chip.

They aren’t kidding when they say each cookie weighs in at a whooping half pound! They are probably the biggest cookies we have ever had the pleasure of eating.

Lets start with the Reese’s Peanut Butter. It had a great peanut butter flavor and was packed with Reese’s Pieces. If you are a peanut butter lover, this cookie is for you. It will probably be the best peanut butter cookie you have ever eaten.

Next is the Signature Sugardoodle. This one was by far our favorite! It tasted like both a sugar cookie and a snickerdoodle cookie. How is that even possible?! Well, City Cake Cookies did it.

And then there is the Killer Stuffed Red Velvet. This cookie was filled with sweetened cream cheese, which turned ooey gooey after a few seconds in the microwave. Even if you aren’t a huge red velvet fan, you will enjoy this cookie.

Last, but not least, there was the Rich Chocolate Chip. Holy cow, was this cookie rich! It only took two bites to satisfy our sweet tooth. We will be snacking on this one for a few days.

For the best City Cakes cookie experience, we strongly encourage you to heat their cookies up in the microwave or oven.

Also Available:
Custom cookies, cakes and cupcakes.

City Cakes Location:
New York, NY

Ordering Info:
Order cookies online, local NYC pick-up and delivery


Bang Cookies - Best Mail Order Cookies To Order Online
Image Credit: Bang Cookies

Claim to Fame:
Giant, soft-baked cookies using only organic and natural ingredients.

Noteworthy Flavors:
Cinnamon Whiskey Crackle, S’mores, Rocky Road Peanut Chip and Pumpkin Spice Bourbon Crackle

Our Bang Cookies Review:
Big thanks to Bang Cookies for sending us some samples to try! Flavors included Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk, Macadamia White Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk, Walnut Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin and Triple Chocolate Chunk.

These classic flavors are done so well with all organic and natural ingredients! And you definitely won’t be disappointed with their size. They really are giant cookies.

Our personal favorites were the Oatmeal Raisin, Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk and Triple Chocolate Chunk.

The Oatmeal Raisin had a great taste. It was packed full of raisins and had a slight hint of cinnamon.

The Sea Salt Chocolate Chunk was like a chocolate chip cookie with just a touch of saltiness, which was a nice addition.

And my daughter loved the Triple Chocolate Chunk. Each of the Chocolate Chunk flavors had HUGE chunks of chocolate in them.

If you like your cookies ooey-gooey, you will want to warm these up in the microwave or oven. They will just melt in your mouth. Well done, Bang Cookies. Your cookies rock!

Also Available:
2.5 pound cookie cakes (local delivery and pickup only)

Bang Cookies Location:
Jersey City, NJ

Ordering Info:
Order cookies online for nationwide shipping, local pickup and on-demand local delivery (baked fresh and delivered within 90 minutes!)


Fat Ts Cookies - Best Mail Order Cookies To Order Online
Image Credit: Fat Ts Cookies

Claim to Fame:
The big, fat, chewy, quarter-pound cookie!

Noteworthy Flavors:
Cookie’s Favorite Cookie (an Oreo baked inside a cookie), #MooseHouse (regular and chocolate dough filled with a peanut butter cup and topped with a hot fudge drizzle) plus fun, over-the-top monthly and seasonal flavors

Our Fat T’s Cookies Review: 
Fat T’s Cookies was kind enough to send us samples of five of their awesome flavors: Cookies Favorite Cookie,  The O.G., Cinn City, #MooseHouse, Chocolate Peanut Butter and For the Love of Chocolate.

These definitely live up to their claim to fame – big, fat and chewy! We wouldn’t want it any other way. Below is a description of each mouthwatering cookie we tried.

Cookies Favorite Cookie: A cookie within a cookie with chunks of cookie throughout the cookie. It has an entire Oreo baked in the middle!

The O.G.: An ooey gooey chocolate chip cookie

Cinn City: A chocolate chip cookie rolled up like a cinnamon roll topped with cream cheese icing.

#MooseHouse: A play on Moose Tracks ice cream. Regular and chocolate dough filled with a peanut butter cup and topped with a hot fudge drizzle.

Chocolate Peanut Butter: A chocolate base cookie with peanut butter wafers throughout.

For the Love of Chocolate: Contains four types of chocolate! Chocolate cookie, chocolate chips, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Nutella.

All five of these cookies were amazing. We love the originality put into each cookie. They each have their own special spin.

Our favorites were the Cookies Favorite Cookie and #MooseHouse. These cookies are best when warmed up in the microwave for a few seconds. They seriously just melt in your mouth. HUGE thanks to Fat T’s Cookies for hooking us up!

Fat T’s Cookies Location:
Akron, OH

Ordering Info:
Order cookies online for nationwide shipping, plus sold at 2 locations in Akron

Claim to Fame:
Half-pound cookies with free nationwide shipping

Noteworthy Flavors:
Ch’Oreo Chip  (a full Oreo baked inside a huge chocolate chip cookie), Funfetti (packed with white chips and sprinkles) and a variety of special seasonal and weekly flavors.

Our Midnight Cookies Review: 
We sampled the Thick & Chunky Chocolate Chip and Funfetti cookies. The first thing we noticed is that these cookies are thick – at least 2-3 inches high! Both flavors are delicious, but our personal favorite is the Funfetti. It tastes like sugar cookies and cake batter, but somehow manages to not be too sweet. 

Midnight Cookies Funfetti - Best Gourmet Cookies To Order Online

The texture of these cookies is awesome. The center of these huge cookies is the perfect balance of a baked cookie and cookie dough. It’s soft and buttery, but not to the point of being gooey. 

All around, these cookies are a winner!

Night Owl Cookies Location:
Sherwood, Oregon

Ordering Info:
Locals to the Sherwood, Oregon area can order online for delivery to their door or pick up at the Midnight Cookies shop.

Online ordering for nationwide shipping is available for everyone else!


Fat and Weird Cookies - Best Mail Order Cookies To Order Online
Image Credit: Fat and Weird

Claim to Fame:
Creators of the one-pound “mega” cookie

Noteworthy Flavors:

  • Big Sexy (chocolate chip filled with salted caramel filling)
  • Grande Sexy (caramel churro cookie cinnamon donut dough stuffed with caramel and rolled in cinnamon sugar)
  • Party Animal (soft almond sugar cookie with frosted animal cookies and stuffed with frosting)

Ordering Info:
Order cookies online for nationwide shipping. Cookies go on sale every Sunday, are hand-rolled and stuffed during the week, then shipped on Fridays.


Okay, so scones aren’t technically cookies. But they sure are delicious and totally underrated!

Claim to Fame:
A modern take on scones with inventive flavors

Noteworthy Flavors:
Lemon Poppy, Cranberry Orange, Cherry Crumble, Lavender Honey, Fig & Goat Cheese, Bacon Cheddar Chive

Also Available:
Cookies, Bars, Subscription Boxes, Gluten-Free Treats

Ordering Info:
Order online from the Seven Sisters Scones website.

How do you produce 25,584 scones in 4 days? This is how. Take a peek behind the “scones” and see how it all comes together at Seven Sisters Scones.

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The Best Bakery Cookies Delivered Right To Doorstep

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  1. Mouth-watering! You missed my favorite one though, chocolateandthechip.com has old-fashioned, chewy chocolate chip cookies for sale online.

  2. Thank you for Posting This. I love to send cookies to friends across the country. Last Year I did send cookies from Bang, Everybody loved them. Looks like with your help my research might be over. Stay Well

  3. Scones are most definitely not cookies! You left off heidisheavenlycookies.com! They are the best gourmet cookies I have ever tried!! Thanks for the list

  4. What a great article!! Thanks for focusing where to spend my $$. I got cookies from Big.Fat.Cookie and they are great. However, you have to buy pre-selected packages and have no control over what is in the packaged collection They are expensive and by the time you pay shipping, it’s too expensive not to be able to order what I want. Just can’t pay for a cookie flavor I don’t like. Next in line to try…Milk Jar and Bang!


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