So here’s the scoop

Walmart’s knock-off brand of Oreo cookies are nothing new. Their classic flavors have been around for years. But over the past year or so, they have been releasing some tasty limited edition flavors. Unlike Oreo, the new Twist & Shout flavors aren’t being cranked out every 6-8 weeks with some flavors for the better, some for the worst. No, Great Value takes their time and it reflects in both the taste and quality.

The Flavors



The Double Filled Chocolate Sandwich Cookie. A classic. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Just Great Value’s version of the beloved Oreo cookie.



The Vanilla Sandwich Cookie. Another classic. These are one of my personal favorites. Nothing better than a vanilla cookie with vanilla cream filling.



The Mint Sandwich Cookie. Chocolate sandwich cookie with mint flavored filling. Can’t forget about the mint lovers out there. Similar to the Oreo version, these are a permanent flavor in the Twist & Shout series.



The Chocolate Banana Sandwich Cookie. This is a chocolate sandwich cookie with banana flavored filling. I bought a pack of these earlier this year. They had a great flavor and the filling was smooth and creamy. Unfortunately, the Walmart website is saying that this flavor is no longer available. The closest Oreo has gotten to a banana filling is when they released the Banana Split Oreo.



The Key Lime Pie Sandwich Cookie. A graham cookie with key lime pie flavored filling. These Limited Edition Key Lime Pie Cookies were released in 2016, about a year after Oreo’s version. I never tried Oreo’s version of this flavor, but I have tried the Twist & Shout version. I was not disappointed. Another win for Great Value. Although these are technically a limited edition flavor, I bought my pack less than a year ago. They are up on Walmart’s website as “In-store purchase only” so you may still be able to find a pack at your local Walmart.



The White Chocolate & Raspberry Sandwich Cookie. A graham sandwich cookie with white chocolate and raspberry flavored filling. Of the Twist & Shout limited edition flavors, these were one of my favorites. This flavor was released in the Spring of this year. The white chocolate & raspberry filling was creamy and accented the graham cookie nicely. Oreo has never released this combination of flavors.

Last, but not least.

The newest Twist & Shout limited edition flavor to be released is the Crème Brûlée Cookie. These were released last month. They feature a vanilla cookie and a crème brûlée flavored filling. I almost didn’t buy these because I am not a huge fan of crème brûlée. I had a bad batch of it one time and have never had the urge to try it again. However, I can’t say no to a vanilla cookie.

Do I regret buying them?

Absolutely not. These cookies are really good. I am having some trouble figuring out how to describe their taste, though. Since I am not a crème brûlée connoisseur, I can’t confirm whether or not they actually taste like the flavor they are based upon. Though, the word on the street is that they do not taste like crème brûlée. I can tell you that they have a nice vanilla-like flavor. Just like the other Twist & Shout flavors, the filling is creamy and plentiful. Almost double stuffed!

Stepping up the cookie game

Walmart has really done a good job with their Twist & Shout cookies. I haven’t been disappointed with a flavor yet. And you can’t go wrong with the price. At our local Walmart, a pack of Oreo’s sells for $2.98 while a pack of Twist & Shout are only $1.98. Next time you are walking down the cookie aisle at Walmart, walk past the Oreo’s and grab a pack of Twist & Shouts. I don’t think you will regret it! Can’t wait to see what flavor they come out with next!