11 Ways to Make Mexican Hot Chocolate

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Slightly spicy and perfectly sweet Mexican hot chocolate is a tasty twist on your favorite winter drink. And there are so many fun and unique ways to make several different varieties at home with simple, wholesome ingredients.

Skip the packets and try these easy, from-scratch Mexican hot chocolate recipes instead!

mexican hot chocolate

What is Mexican Hot Chocolate?

While nearly every hot chocolate recipe results in some form of rich and – well, obviously – hot chocolate drink, there are many unique flavor options and preparation methods that make Mexican hot chocolate something truly special.

Powdered hot cocoa typically found at the grocery store is often made with not-so-wholesome ingredients. They tend to be very sweet, with a simple, light milk chocolate taste.

Mexican hot chocolate, however, is full of bold spices to balance out the sweetness of the sugar. They can be made many different ways with various spice combinations and heat levels. Some have chili and cayenne for a real hit of spiciness. Other versions feature whole cinnamon sticks for a more mild, seasonal flavor.

Some of the recipes in the list below do contain cocoa powder, much like what you find in most store-bought hot chocolate packets. But many are made using the traditional method of melting real chocolate and combining it with milk and spices. The best Mexican hot chocolates also have a great foamy, frothy top that is absolutely irresistible.

Like other hot chocolate recipes, you can make Mexican hot chocolate on the stovetop, in a crockpot, or even in the microwave. They are even easy to customize to fit dairy-free, vegan diets. Whatever style of chocolatey, spicy goodness you want, there’s a Mexican hot chocolate recipe for you!

Ingredients Needed to Make Mexican Hot Chocolate

Below you will find a fantastic list of easy homemade Mexican hot chocolate recipes. Each is slightly different, with their own special bit of pizazz.

Some are made with whole milk and heavy whipping cream, others are vegan-friendly and use almond milk or cashew milk. They all include either baking chocolate (or similar) or cocoa powder, sugar, plus cinnamon for a spicy kick.

Additional ingredients that are suggested for the best, most delicious Mexican hot chocolate made from scratch include:

  • Spices – Cayenne pepper, Nutmeg, Dried chile pepper or chili powder, Red chili pepper flakes, and/or Habanero peppers
  • Salt – to balance the sweetness
  • Vanilla extract – for a great smoky flavor
  • Dulce de leche – a rich caramel that makes the hot chocolate even more deliciously indulgent
  • Honey – as an alternative sweetner
  • Coconut oil – to add even more smoothness and rich flavor

Plus, you can of course add other favorite hot cocoa toppings, like mini marshmallows and shaved chocolate.

How Do You Make Mexican Hot Chocolate From Scratch?

There are several different methods you can use to prepare a perfect mug of spicy Mexican hot chocolate.

Make a nearly hands-off, big batch version using a slow cooker. Not only is this an easy method, your whole house will smell like incredibly chocolatey goodness for hours!

For a traditional Mexican hot chocolate, you will need a molinillo or wire whisk to get the signature frothy top. Ingredients are combined in a pot or by the mugful, and blended well as they are heated. It can take several minutes to get the right frothiness but is well worth the effort – be patient, and also be careful whenever working with hot liquids!

Because authentic Mexican hot chocolate uses whole ingredients, you are likely to wind up with a bit of grittiness in every cup. This is totally to be expected, and in my opinion, just makes a tasty little “snack” to enjoy after drinking the hot chocolate!

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Mexican Hot Chocolate

Slightly spicy and perfectly sweet Mexican hot chocolate is a tasty twist on your favorite winter drink. Skip the hot cocoa packets and try one of these unique from-scratch Mexican hot chocolate recipes instead!

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