The Best Corporate Logo Cookies Online

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Do you need corporate logo cookies for an upcoming meeting, event, or promotion? There are many bakeries that specialize in creating custom branded cookies with your company logo on them. But which ones are the very best?

We have researched and ranked the best options based on factors like quality of the cookies, ease of ordering, price, customer service, selection, delivery timeframes and more.

You will also see pictures of what each company has made for other customers so you can get an idea of how they turn out.

All of the options on our list have a few things in common:

  • You can shop for and order your company logo cookies online.
  • Cookies can be shipped anywhere in the US.
  • These bakeries offer a wide variety of corporate cookie gift options (besides just logo cookies) with customizations like different flavors and shapes.
  • You can easily contact their customer service teams for a quote or other help with your order.

That’s a great start, but you’re here to find the best custom logo cookies for your business. So we’ve given each company a ‘Best Of’ award so you can quickly tell where they excel.

So without further ado, let’s jump in.

The Best Custom Logo Cookies To Order Online

Custom Logo Cookies To Order Online

1. Best Of The Best Logo Cookies

Our Pick: Sugarica Cookies

Sugarica Cookies the crème de la crème when it comes to logo cookies. That’s a fancy way of saying they are the best we’ve found!

Sugarica Custom Cookie Company Logo

If you’re looking for the highest quality cookie with a stunning level of detail, look no further than Sugarica.

Two Options: Custom Hand-Decorated or Machine-Printed

Sugarica offers two price levels to help work within your budget: custom hand-decorated or machine-printed.

With the custom hand-iced option, you’ll get a gorgeous cookie that is designed by their talented pastry artists. You’ll be amazed at the quality and attention to detail in each cookie.

They can also print your logo using their exclusive icing printer at a value price to stretch your budget. Unlike some other companies, they do not use wafer paper (which is basically a sheet of edible paper that lays on the icing). Sugarica’s printing equipment lays down their specialty icing directly onto the cookies.

Custom Logo Cookie Option

Sugarica has created custom logo cookies for many brands including Universal Pictures, BMW and the Denver Art Museum to name a few.

Denver Art Museum Custom Logo Cookie
Image: Sugarica

Highest Quality Ingredients

If you’re impressed by how they look, wait until you see how they taste!

The logo cookies can be ordered in Vanilla Sugar and Chocolate Brownie flavors. I personally have not seen any other companies offer a chocolate custom cookie option!

Sugarica Custom Cookies Chocolate Brownie

They also use only the highest quality ingredients like 100% real butter and flavorings like pure Madagascar vanilla.

Cookies are made fresh and delivered in individually wrapped, heat-sealed bags for ultra freshness. They will stay fresh for weeks unopened and much longer when they are frozen.

Custom Logo Cookie for special event

Custom Packaging Options

Gorgeous cookies deserve classy packaging. Sugarica offers a variety of options to complete the high-end look you’re striving for.

Sugarica Custom Logo Cookie Packaging

To request a quote or talk to a Sugarica specialist, just click on the link below.

2. Best For Large Logo Cookie Orders

Our Pick: Mrs. Fields

If you’re looking for true and tested option for your custom logo cookies and you need a bunch, Mrs. Fields is a good bet.

Mrs Fields Cookies Logo
Image: Mrs Fields

Chances are that you’ve heard of Mrs. Fields. You’ve probably seen (and smelled!) their delicious cookie stores that are sprinkled throughout the US. And maybe you’ve even gotten a gift from them in the past. It’s hard to forget their signature red boxes and packaging.

They have a 6-dozen minimum order for their logo cookies which tells you that they are no stranger to large orders.

Mrs Fields Corporate Logo Cookies
Image: Mrs Fields

Their logo cookies are round, fresh-baked sugar cookies. You provide the artwork that you want on the branded cookies.

The decorated cookies will be delivered in 1-4 weeks and are individually wrapped in cellophane.

To request a free quote, just click on the link below.

3. Best Logo Cookies For Small Orders & Fast Turnaround

Our Pick: Cookies By Design

With a one-dozen minimum, Cookies by Design is the way to go for a small order. And with just a 7-day lead time, it’s also a great choice you need your order to arrive quickly.

Cookies By Design Logo
Image: Cookies By Design

Another nice feature of this business is a variety of standard options that allow you to create a personalized look without adding to the price. You can select from a circle, rectangle or square cookie shape. Different border options are available too.

Cookies By Design Custom Logo Cookies
Image: Cookies By Design

All cookies are baked to order and they are no set-up fees. You just need to provide your high-resolution logo or photo.

The custom logo cookies use their sugar cookie recipe, are hand-glazed with their signature icing and are topped with an edible image of your company’s logo, photo or personalized message. Each cookie is individually wrapped in a cello bag and tied with a ribbon.

For more information or to place an order for your custom logo cookies, just click on the link below to get started.

4. Best Custom Logo Cookies Selection

Our Pick: Etsy

One option you may not have considered is Etsy. In our last search for custom logo cookies on Etsy, we got over 3800 results! That’s a lot of choices.

Etsy Logo

Looking at all the cookies on Etsy will definitely get your creative juices flowing. It might even give you some new ideas you hadn’t thought of before.

Etsy Custom Logo Cookies

One interesting idea that I found was custom logo cookie cutters. So if you’re feeling inspired, you can get an actual cookie cutter of your logo to create your own personalized cookies.

There are dozens of other options as well for every price range. You’ll find everything from sugar and shortbread cookies to printed and hand-decorated cookies to custom shapes and sizes.

To start your search for the perfect sweet treats featuring your brand, just click on the link below.

With the options in this list, you’re well on your way to finding the best custom logo cookies available!

Here’s a brief recap and some quick links to get you on your way.

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Custom Logo Cookies To Order online

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