How To Tell When Brownies Are Done (5 Easy Ways)

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Warm chocolate brownies are a delicious dessert that many people love. With so many different textures – fudgy, gooey, and cakey – it can sometimes be hard to tell when brownies are perfectly baked.

However, when you’re in the middle of baking them and you can’t wait to dig in, it can be difficult to tell if your brownies are done or not.

To help with this problem, we have compiled a list of 5 ways to tell if your brownies are done baking. Let’s get started!

5 Ways To Tell Brownie Done

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Top 5 Ways To Tell If Brownies Are Done Baking

1. The Toothpick Method

One tried and true way to tell when brownies are done cooking is the brownie toothpick test.

You just insert a toothpick right in the center of your brownies. When it comes out clean, the brownies are done.

If the toothpick has batter on it, the brownies need a little bit more time.

If the toothpick has crumbs on it, your brownies might be done. You may want to use some of the other tips in the list to help you decide.

PRO TIP: If you added chocolate chips to your batter, take care when using the toothpick test. If your toothpick goes through a chocolate chip, it make not come out clean, but the brownies could still be done cooking. If you’re unsure, try the test in another area of the pan to avoid overbaked brownies.

2. The Shaking Method

The Shaking Method Another easy way to tell if your brownies are ready is by gently shaking the pan.

If your brownies are done cooking, the top will look firm and you will see cracks on the surface. You won’t see any batter jiggling in the center. Jiggling = underbaked!

If there is still gooey-looking batter in between those cracks it means that your brownie needs more time. This method works best with thick fudgy-style brownies rather than cake-like brownies.

Perfectly Baked Brownie Edges

3. The Visual Method

Another way to tell when your brownies are done is to look for some tell-tale signs.

When the edges start to pull away from the sides of the pan, it means that the batter has started to cook. Once this happens, your brownie will be done in no time.

The center of the brownies should look set and a bit shiny. You may notice some cracks. If you carefully press the center with your finger and it feels firm, the brownies are probably done.

If the top of the brownies still looks wet and almost glossy (like how the batter looks), you need to keep cooking.

4. The Tapping Method

You can also tell when brownies are done by lightly tapping them. Listening to the sounds they make and how they feel are good indicators of doneness.

If you tap the center and it sounds almost like you’re tapping a table or other hard surface, then it’s a good bet your brownies are done baking.

Gooey Fudgy Brownie

For Fudgy Brownies

If you gently tap on the top of fudgy brownies, and it feels gooey or has too much “give” underneath your fingers, your brownies need a few more minutes.

For Cake-like Brownies

Another sign of doneness for cakelike brownies is if the center bounces back a little when you touch them.

5. Follow The Recipe

And the final tip is to simply follow your recipe when baking brownies.

As long as you’re using the type of pan that is recommended, your baking time will be around what’s suggested in most recipes.

So if the recipe calls for 30 minutes at 350°F, don’t bake them any longer than 35-40 minutes total.

Know Your Oven

Also, keep in mind that every oven is different. Sometimes an oven will “run hot” meaning the temperature inside is actually warmer than what you have it set to. In these cases, your brownies might cook faster than expected.

Check Early

So it’s always a good idea to check at least five minutes before the end of baking time.

If you have to take them out early because they look done, just use one of the methods above to make sure they are baked in the middle.

Testing Brownie Doneness

To summarize, here are the 5 easy ways to tell if your brownies are done baking.

How To Tell If Brownies Are Done

1 Toothpick Method: Insert a toothpick and when the toothpick comes out clean, the brownies are done.

2 Shaking Method: No jiggling and wiggling means your brownies are ready.

3 Visual Method: When brownies are done, the edges will pull away from the sides and the top with be shiny and firm.

4 Tapping Method: Cake-like brownies will spring back when tapped and fudgy-brownies will be firm to the touch.

5 Follow The Recipe: In most cases, you’ll have great results by just following the recipe. Always check your brownies at least 5 minutes before the recommended baking time is up.

And there you have it! If you follow these 5 simple steps to perfectly baked brownies, you’ll never have an under-baked or overcooked pan of brownies again!

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