Green Roads CBD Review

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When it comes to buying CBD these days, you have a lot of choices. Thousands of CBD companies and millions of CBD products have popped up in the United States market alone in the past couple of years.

So when you’re in the market to buy a CBD product, it makes sense to do a little research. Reading this review is a great start.

In this review, we focus on a CBD company called Green Roads. We’ve personally tried their products, so we have first-hand experience with the brand.

Green Roads CBD Company Logo

We’ve also tried many other CBD brands, which allows us to offer helpful insights for those who are shopping for CBD products.

Be sure to read our review below to learn more about this organization that is cranking out high-quality products.

About Green Roads

Green Roads is an award-winning brand that produces high-quality wellness products using hemp-derived CBD and other beneficial cannabinoids.

Green Roads was founded in 2013. Co-founder and CEO, Laura Fuentes, spent more than 25 years as a licensed compounding pharmacist before starting the cbd company. Her background helped shape their line of “Pharmacist Formulated” offerings.

The company has some of the highest standards for quality control and consumer transparency in the CBD industry. They were one of the earliest advocates for third-party independent lab testing on every product batch.

Green Roads’ mission is to help every person find the
healthiest version of themselves through the power of plants.

Green Roads Mission

Green Roads CBD Products

Green Roads offers a wide variety of high-quality CBD products. We review several in this article.

Green Roads CBD Products

Green Roads CBD Oils

Green Roads CBD oil is a popular choice. And for good reason. They make it really easy to find the perfect CBD oils.

  • You can select from full spectrum CBD oil (up to 0.3% THC) as well as broad spectrum CBD oil (no THC).
  • The CBD oils are available in a variety of strengths including mild, moderate, and mighty.
  • Select from an assortment of bottle sizes and a convenient “daily dose” single-serve pack.
  • You can also pick from fun CBD oil flavors like mint and apple kiwi. Check out some fun CBD cocktails using Green Roads Apple Kiwi CBD Oil.

Green Roads CBD Capsules and Softgels

Capsules and softgels are some of the easiest and most familiar ways to take CBD. 

  • CBD softgels are ideal for daily use.
  • The company also has Relax capsules designed for, you guessed it, relaxation.
  • Their Sleep CBD capsules contain melatonin to help you catch some quality shut-eye.

Green Roads CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are a delicious way to get your daily dose. Because they are absorbed through digestion, it may take longer to feel results, but benefits may last longer. Some of the edibles available are:

  • CBD gummies like the best selling Relax Gummy Bears
  • CBD coffee
Green Roads CBD Chocolate

Green Roads CBD Topicals

Green Roads has a great selection of topicals (products you put on your skin). Products include:

  • Pain relief muscle and joint cream
  • Skin cream
  • Heat relief & cool relief roll-ons

Green Roads Spa Collection

One of the most fun Green Roads CBD products is their Spa Collection. Products like CBD bath bombs and essential oil roll-ons are designed for relaxation.

Green Roads CBD for Pets

Did you know your pets can get relief from CBD products too? Pet drops are available for dogs and cats. They are recommended for daily use or stressful situations like thunderstorms and trips to the vet.

About Green Roads Hemp

Green Roads CBD is extracted from industrial high-quality hemp grown on American farms. They only work with hemp farms that meet or exceed the highest standards and practices in their cultivation processes.

Raw materials come from facilities that use the most advanced extraction technologies, including CO2 extraction. These methods produce pure CBD isolate and clean, broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oils.

Green Roads CBD Testing and Online Third Party Lab Results

All raw materials are rigorously tested for pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, microbials and more to ensure safe, top-quality ingredients.

Products are formulated by a pharmaceutical team under the guidance of the Green Roads CEO and co-founder who is a licensed compounding pharmacist.

Finished products are sent to external labs that follow the strictest standards for independent testing. This is called third-party lab testing. The lab results are available online. In addition, customers can scan a QR code on all of the product packaging.

Green Roads CBD Review

Green Roads CBD Gummies

Green Roads CBD Gummies
Relax Gummy Bears and Sleepy Z Bedtime CBD Gummies

These gummies are a solid choice for new or experienced CBD gummy users. They are one of our favorite Green Roads products.

We like that the gummy bears taste very similar to a standard gummy. They have a pleasant fruity flavor. The texture is great too.

The original Relax gummies contain only 10 mg CBD per dose and are THC-free. This is a good starting point when exploring the amount of CBD that works for you. It’s easy to take another gummy if desired.

An Extra Strength Relax gummy is also available. It contains 25mg of CBD.

The Bedtime gummies have 25mg of CBD. It also contains melatonin which is commonly used for insomnia.


Green Roads Sleep Zs Bedtime CBD Gummies

Product Summary

  • Available in Relax Gummies (10 or 25 mg CBD) and Bedtime Gummies (25 mg of CBD and 5mg of melatonin)
  • Gummies are made from high-quality hemp from American farms (hemp-derived cannabinoid extract)
  • Gluten-free, not tested on animals
  • THC-free. Third-party lab tested for quality. Lab results can be viewed by scanning the QR code on any package.
  • Available in a 30-count bottle and smaller, convenient “On The Go” packages

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Green Roads CBD Chocolate

One of our favorite Green Roads products was the CBD chocolate bar. It was a high-quality dark chocolate bar that melts in your mouth with a taste that’s hard to beat. However, it appears their selection of chocolate bars as been removed from the website. Bummer!

However, we’re keeping our review here in case they decide to offer the bars again. In the meantime, you might want to check out some of our other favorite CBD chocolates.

Each chocolate bar has 12 pieces that are easy to break off. They are the perfect size for a little sweet treat. I like to pop a piece in the afternoon or evening when I’m most likely to stress eat!

The chocolate is made from CBD isolate, so it contains no THC or other cannabinoids from the hemp.


Green Roads CBD Dark Chocolate

Product Summary

  • Each pillow-top bar is infused with 180mg of CBD for an average of 15mg CBD per piece
  • Delicious gourmet vegan dark chocolate candy bar with 62% cacao
  • Bean-to-bar fairly traded chocolate from an artisanal chocolatier
  • Hand-crafted in small batches
  • Infused with CBD from American-grown hemp
  • Made with CBD isolate, no other cannabinoids from hemp

Limited edition CBD chocolate bars, like the Cookies & Cream bar shown below, are also available from time to time.

A seasonal white chocolate peppermint bar was also offered at one time. So check back often for new flavors!

Green Roads White Chocolate CBD Bar

Green Roads CBD Oil

We also had the opportunity to try Green Roads CBD Oil. When we saw the Apple Kiwi bliss flavor, we knew right away we needed to make some CBD cocktail recipes with the oils!

Green Roads Apple Kiwi CBD Oil

Most CBD brands in the market only two ingredients (MCT oil and CBD) to make their oils.

We thought it was pretty cool that Green Roads CBD oil uses a custom formula that includes vegetable glycerin, sunflower oil, MCT oil, hemp seed oil, and more.

We also liked that unlike many companies, the Green Roads company has their own FDA-registered facility where they make their oils. This allows them to keep a close eye on quality.

Product Summary

  • Original, Mint Breeze and Apple Kiwi Bliss
  • 3 strengths available: mild, moderate, and mighty
  • Comes in 30ml bottles with easy to use dropper and single dose packets
  • Full Spectrum CBD oil and Broad Spectrum CBD oil are available
  • Sweet Sleep CBD oil is another option. It contains additional ingredients of melatonin and CBN.

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Green Roads CBD Coffee

There is no better way to start the day than with a cup of java with a dash of CBD.

This product comes in three flavors to satisfy any taste preference. We tried the classic Founders Blend. It’s a medium blend with a great flavor.

The tricky thing about coffee is that it’s hard to monitor the amount of CBD you are consuming. The amount of CBD varies per batch.

Your CBD intake can also fluctuate depending on the amount of grounds you brew in each pot.

Green Roads Hemp Flower Medium Roast CBD Coffee

Product Summary

  • Contains Colombian Coffee & American Hemp
  • The total CBD and CBD per serving varies per batch. Check the website for details on the current batch that is shipping.
  • Three flavors are available: Founders Blend (rich, full flavor with notes of nuts, caramel & chocolate), Hazelnut and French Vanilla
  • Recommended use is 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water or adjust to your preference.
  • Available in 12 oz bags or 2.5 oz packages

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CBD Topicals

Another great product we loved were the Essential Oil CBD Roll-ons. Unfortunately, these products were also removed from the Green Roads site. Again, we’ll keep our review here in case the products are offered again at some point in the future.

Just one little swipe on the wrist or behind your ear is all you need. Then you let the CBD work its relaxation magic. Take a little whiff anytime you need extra relief from your stress.

Green Road CBD Spa Collection Essential Oil Roll On Skin and Muscle Cream

To be honest, I was hesitant to try the skin relief cream and muscle & joint relief cream. I have sensitive skin and had an issue with another brand.

But I took one for the team and tried both topical relief products for this Green Roads CBD review! I am happy to report both topicals were very soothing with no adverse skin reactions.

Product Summary

  • Rolls-ons use natural botanicals and come in Lavender, Eucalyptus & Lavender and Peppermint & Lemon
  • Topicals offer natural, plant-based, targeted relief wherever you need it most. 

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A great way to learn about a product is by hearing what other customers have to say. The brand has earned more than 30,000 5-star CBD product reviews.

Many of the comments are specific to how Green Roads products have helped with ailments like chronic pain and improving sleep.

Here are some helpful Green Roads CBD customer reviews about the company as a whole:

“Great product, great service, just a really good experience with a quality company. I have tried quite a few companies and their various products and this is the best company I have found.”

“Am absolutely sold on Green Roads. Made a huge difference in my daily activity level.”

“Honest and reliable. They always have the specific product I am looking for, ship quickly, and have excellent prices.

“In my experience with CBD, quality of the product does matter. When I buy from Green Roads I have faith that I’m getting a high quality product.

Of course, not everyone leaves a positive review. Of the negative customer reviews we found, several of the complaints were regarding the product price related to other brands in the market.

There were also some customer comments with concerns about expired product or products not working as expected.

In the end, the positive customer feedback far outweighed the negative comments we read.

Green Roads CBD Promotions and Discounts

There are quite a few ways to save money at Green Roads.

  • Sign up for their email newsletter to receive a coupon code.
  • Numerous discounts are offered throughout the year on their website.
  • Points-based rewards program. You can earn points with each purchase and other ways like writing a review or following on social media.
  • Refer a friend program. Get a $20 credit for each friend you refer that makes a qualified purchase.
  • Military, first responder and teacher discounts are also available.
  • Use discount code ‘Snack10’ for 10% off your order.

Where To Buy Green Roads CBD

Buy Online

Products can be purchased online on the Green Roads website.

Ordering online is recommended to get the best discounts and access to the full product portfolio as well as the newest products.

Buy In Stores

Products are sold in over 10,000 retail locations across America. Locations include health food stores, yoga studios, pharmacies, juice bars, smoke shops and more. A store locator is available on their website.

How To Contact Green Roads

The company offers several convenient ways to contact them.

Phone: (833)-462-8922

Email: [email protected]

Online: A contact form and chat feature are available on the website.

Green Roads CBD Return Policy

As of June 2021, the Green Roads CBD return policy is that all new and unopened products come with a 30-day, money-back guarantee based on the delivery date as provided by the shipper. 

Green Roads CBD Shipping Policy

Green Roads uses all major shipping carriers. They select the shipping carrier who is best suited to serve the customers’ location. You can easily track your order on the Green Roads website.

Final Thoughts: Green Roads CBD

We believe Green Roads is a great organization with great products. But ultimately, you’re the customer and the decision on which CBD brand in the market to buy from is up to you. Let’s review with a final list of pros and cons for the Green Roads brand.


  • High-quality products
  • Pharmacist formulated
  • Large product selection
  • Great taste
  • US grown hemp
  • Many THC-free products
  • Over 30,000+ 5 star reviews
  • Frequent sales & discounts
  • Make products in their own CGMP
    and FDA-certified facility


  • Slightly higher price than some other brands
  • Few products with THC

We hope this in-depth Green Roads CBD review has been helpful! If you’re ready to learn even more, head on over to the Green Roads website to browse for products or check out their awesome CBD university.

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