15 Fruits That Start With E

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In this article, you’ll find an overview of 15 different fruits that start with the letter E. From the exotic egg fruit to the everyday eggplant (yes, it’s technically a fruit!), there is a lot of variety in this bunch.

We’ll explore what makes each of these unique fruits special and share some ways to use them if you can find them. So get ready to take a bite out of some delicious E-fruits!

Fruit That Start With E

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Entawak Fruits That Start With E YouEatPlants
Source: YouEatPlants

The entawak (sometimes called metawa) is a fruit native to areas with a subtropical climate such as Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo.

The outside of the fruit is a brown-yellow color. The inner flesh is an orange-ish red color.

Some say the edible seeds taste like pumpkin. The seeds are often enjoyed roasted.


Eblica Fruits That Start With E Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia

The emblica were originally found in India but now grow in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Southeast Asia, China and Malaysia.

Emblica grow on small to medium-sized trees. They are round in shape, light greenish-yellow, smooth and have six vertical seams that run from the top of the fruit to the bottom.

The fruit is ready to harvest in autumn. They have a sour, bitter taste and are a good source of fiber.

The emblica can be eaten raw but is also used in several Indian dishes such as dal, a lentil preparation, or amle ka murabbah, a sweet dish with berries. It is also used in traditional Indian medicine, inks, shampoos and hair oils.

Eastern Hawthorn Fruit

Eastern Hawthorn Fruits That Start With E Pixabay
Source: Pixabay

Eastern Hawthorn Fruit, also known as “haw”, is grown in regions of the Northern Hemisphere, including Europe, Asia, North Africa and North America.

The fruit is berry-like but has the structure of an apple, with seeds in the middle of it. They have a tart, but slightly sweet taste and are crunchy.

Eastern hawthorn fruit can be eaten raw but are also used in jams and jellies.

Emu Apple Fruit

An emu apple is native to Australia. They are also known as owenia acidula.

The fruit is reddish/purple in color and is about the size of a golf ball. Once ripened, they have a sour flavor.

The emu apple can be eaten raw, though it is said they should sit for a few days after ripening to enhance their taste. They many also have health benefits such as cold/cough prevention and headache relief.


Eggplant Fruits That Start With E Pixnio
Source: Pixnio

Although eggplant is typically cooked as a vegetable, it is technically a fruit. To grow eggplant, you need a warm climate. It is grown worldwide but is native to Southeast Asia.

Eggplant is commonly purple in color, has a spongy texture, and is egg-shaped. When eaten raw, it has a nice but slightly bitter taste. Eggplant is best enjoyed cooked because the bitter taste becomes milder and richer. Also, the texture goes from spongy to more creamy.

There is really no wrong way to cook eggplant. It can be grilled, roasted, steamed, and much more. There are countless great recipes that call for eggplant and they are used in several varieties of cuisine.

Another great thing about eggplant is that it is good for you. Not only is it low in calories, but it provides fiber, potassium, vitamin B6, vitamin A and much more.

Elephant Apple

Elephant Apple Fruits That Start With E Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia

The elephant apple is a species of Dillenia and can be found in China and tropical parts of Asia. It’s actual name is Dillenia indica, but it is more commonly known as the elephant apple.

Elephant apples grow on a medium-sized tree that is evergreen or semi-evergreen. The tree has large canopy-like leaves. The fruit is large and round, greenish-yellow in color and contains many seeds that are edible.

This fruit is not typically eaten raw. The fruit pulp within an elephant apple is tart and used to make curries, jam and jellies. It is also a main source of food for elephants, monkeys and deer and collection of the fruit in certain areas is prohibited.

Emu Berry Fruit

The scientific name for the emu berry is Grewia retusifolia. Similar to the emu apple, they are strictly native to Australia.

The berries grow on a weed-like bush from April to September. They are very small with a sweet taste to them.

The emu berry is mostly used for medicinal purposes but can also be eaten raw. They are a good source of vitamin C, iron, calcium, sodium and fiber. The roots of the emu berry bush have been known to treat diarrhea, headache and fatigue.


Elderberry Fruits That Start With E Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia

Elderberry, or sambucus, plants grow well in subtropical regions of the world. They are more commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere, but have also been found in Southern Hemisphere regions such as Australasia and South America.

The berries grow in clusters and are black, blue-black or red. They are about the size of currants and have a very sweet but slightly bitter taste.

It is best not to eat elderberries raw because they contain a toxic substance that can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Cooked elderberries are used to make juice, jams and even wine.

Because of their many health benefits, they are also commonly used in syrups, lozenges, pills and teas as an immune booster. Both the berries and the flowers of elderberry contain many antioxidants and vitamins.


Etrog Fruits That Start With E Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia

The origin Etrog fruit can be traced back to biblical times. It originated in Israel and India. Today its still grown in those countries as well as Greece, Italy and even California in the US.

The Etrog fruit is used for the Jewish festival called Sukkot.

This large, yellow citrus fruit looks somewhat like a lemon. However, unlike the lemon, the etrog is rather bland tasting. It is also related to another interesting fruit called Buddha’s Hand.

The etrog has a very thick rind. Inside it has small sections that contain lots of seeds.

Egg Fruit

Eggfruit Fruits That Start With E Flickr
Source: Flickr

Egg fruit comes from a Pouteria campechiana tree. The tree produces this orange-ish yellow fruit (also called yellow sapote). The fruit is often called egg fruit because it has a texture that is similar to a hard-boild egg yolk.

The fruit is often used in jams, marmalades and pancakes. You can also make an eggfruit nog which is a milkshake that incorporates the fruit. Other uses include shakes, purees, custards and ice cream.

Elands Sour Fig

The Elands sour fig goes by Carpobrotus acinaciformis if you’re feeling scientific. And if you’re feeling fun, you can also call it Sally-my-handsome!

This succulent plant has bright pink or purple flours. Its edible fruit can be made into a jam. In the wild, tortoises like to munch on the fruit.

Throughout history, the juice may have been used for some medicinal purposes such as a mouthwash, gargle, lotion and antiseptic.

Evergreen Huckleberry

Evergreen Huckleberry Fruits That Start With E Pzhere
Source: Pzhere

The Evergreen Huckleberry also goes by the names of Winter Huckleberry and California Huckleberry. It’s a small evergreen shrub found in British Columbia and the west coast of the US.

The dark berries are tasty. They can be eaten raw. Some say they taste a more intense version of a blueberry. They can also be used in jams and jellies.

Enterprise Apple

The Enterprise Apple is a domesticated fruit. It was bred for its excellent quality and resistance to disease.

This apple is large and red but can fade to yellow or orange shades. The texture is firm and crisp. The flavor is sometimes described as mildly tart with a spicy smell.

Early Gold Mango

Early Gold Mango Fruits That Start With E Wikimedia
Source: Wikimedia

The Early Gold Mango originated in Florida. It gets the “early” part of its name because generates fruit early in the year in May.

The fruit is dark yellow, sweet, and aromatic.

European Pear

The European Pear is more well-known as the common pear. It originated in Western Asia as well as parts of Europe.

It has a classic teardrop shape of a pear. The fruit is sweet. The texture has a little bit of graininess that pears often have.

The trees are easy to grow and are great for home gardeners.

Well, that’s it for this fruit-filled list! We hope you enjoyed reading and learning about these 15 fruits that start with E.

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