Food Scented Candles Almost Good Enough To Eat

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If you want your house to smell like lavender or pumpkin spice, you can go to just about any store and pick up a scented candle. But for those of us who want more from our candles, you’ve come to the right place.

In this list, you’ll find an assortment food scented candles that are a treat for your nose and your eyes. Some of these are so realistic they could be used as prop food!

The candles we’ve hand-selected here will make your home smell like your favorite foods. They’re perfect for kitchens or dining rooms and they also make awesome gifts.

So f you’re looking for a food or dessert-scented candle to buy online, check out the options below. You’re sure to find the perfect one for your needs.

Food Scented Candles Almost Good Enough to Eat

Food Scented CandLes To Order Online

These candles are sure to make your home smell and look amazing.

1. Sticky Buns Candle 

If I didn’t know better, I might try to lick this candle! This sticky bun-scented candle also comes in Danish and Cinnabon scents. 

Sticky Bun Scented Candle
Image: Living Tree Candles

This amazing Sticky Bun candle is about 6″ across and made from soy wax, paraffin pecans and gel wax drizzle. It’s so realistic that it can even be ordered without a wick to be used as a food prop.

2. Froot Loops Scented Candle 

We all know that Froot Loops smell amazing. It was only a matter of time before that iconic scent was captured in a candle.

Froot Loops Scented Candle
Image: Living Tree Candles

This company has a ton of other fun and super realistic candles too like cakes, cupcakes, ice cream treats and tropical cocktails.

3. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cheesecake Candle

This cheesecake candle looks so real! Just check out those super realistic peanut butter cups.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cheesecake Scented Candle
Image: Living Tree Candles

It’s cast with soy wax from a 9″ cheesecake mold. It’s scented with a combination of chocolate and peanut butter then topped with wax peanut butter cups.

4. Cherry Pie Scented Candle 

This Fresh Baked Cherry Pie candle smells like tart red cherries, ground cinnamon and vanilla cream all stuffed into a fresh baked lattice pie crust. This baby has 5 wicks and more than 2 pounds soy blend wax! 

Cherry Lattice Crust Pie Scented Candle
Image: Fresh Bakery Candles

Other scents are available too like Peach Pie, Apple Pie with Ice Cream, Strawberry Cobbler, Blueberry Cobbler and Butter Pecan.

5. Birthday Cake Scoop Loaf 

This 1-pound Birthday Cake Scoop Loaf candle has mini, frosted cake bites and real candy sprinkles tucked into the whipped goodness with the cutest old-fashioned flour scoop in the center.

Birthday Cake Loaf Scented Candle
Image: Candle Confectionery

Other scents are available too like Coconut Shortbread, Cinnamon Cider Donut, PB&J, and Iced Oatmeal Butterscotch.

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If you’re not baking a cake or burning a homemade candle, you’ve still got some options to make your house smell great!

We hope this article has helped you find the perfect food-scented candle. There sure are some delicious-smelling options to choose from.

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