Feastable MrBeast Chocolate: Where Goodness Meets Greatness

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In the world of online influencers, few names shine as brightly as MrBeast. He is a philanthropic prodigy renowned for his jaw-dropping acts of charity and mind-boggling challenges, which he showcases on his social media channels.

While his endeavors have spanned various industries, the latest addition to his portfolio has left fans alike with a sweet taste of excitement: Enter MrBeast Chocolate.

In this article, we unwrap the sweet success story behind Mr. Beast’s cocoa-infused venture and explore how he is using his brand to make a difference in the world.

feastables MrBeast Chocolate Bars
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Who Is Mr. Beast?

Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast, is a popular American YouTuber, philanthropist, and internet personality.

MrBeast’s rise to internet stardom began in 2012, and over the years, he has amassed millions of subscribers on YouTube and followers on other social media platforms.

He is known for his “money challenges,” where he donates substantial sums of money to individuals or causes, or conducts contests with lucrative cash prizes.

His content often revolves around large-scale philanthropic endeavors, such as planting trees, feeding the hungry, supporting shelters, and aiding disaster relief efforts.

These initiatives have helped him amass a significant following and cement his reputation as one of the most influential and generous creators on social media.

His approach to content creation, which centers on making a positive impact and spreading joy, has garnered immense support from fans worldwide.

An Overview Of MrBeast’s Feastables Company

In 2022, MrBeast launched a brand called Feastables. At the time, plant-based chocolate bars were the only offering.

Since then, the mission-driven brand has added on several more flavors of chocolate bars, cookies and Karl gummies.

About Mr. Beast Chocolate Bars

So, now to the main event. Let’s dig in and learn more about MrBeast chocolate bars!

There are actually several different chocolate bar products from MrBeast: OG Plant-Based, Milk Chocolate and Deez Nuts. We’ll take you through each of them in the next sections.

But first, it’s important to understand a few things that all the bars have in common: They are delicious treats with a purpose.

All MrBeast chocolate bars are produced by farmers, foresters, and companies certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

The Rainforest Alliance certification ensures that farms involved in the cocoa production do not engage in child labor and respect the rights of Indigenous communities.

By partnering with Rainforest Alliance, MrBeast Chocolate helps ensure the fair treatment of farmers and responsible sourcing of ingredients.

To maintain the highest standards of quality and ethical production, MrBeast Chocolate bars are designed in Greenville, North Carolina, and expertly crafted in Peru.

Feastables takes pride in offering GMO-free products, while also prioritizing organic cocoa. Although not every ingredient is organic, most are and this distinction is clearly indicated on the products.

Another standout feature is the use of grass-fed milk for their milk chocolate bars. It’s sourced from USDA certified and 100% certified organic pasture grazing cows. Feastables believes happy and healthy cows make a better-quality milk chocolate bar.

MrBeast’s OG Plant-Based Chocolate Bar

MrBeast Original Plant-Based Chocolate Bars are rich, creamy, and entirely plant-based.

These bars are made with organic cocoa, boasting a 55% cocoa content, and consist of just 4-5 ingredients, depending on the flavor.

The OG plant-based flavor options include milk chocolate, sea salt, almond, and quinoa crunch.

MrBeast Milk Chocolate Bars

Since the original plant-based bar was such a big hit, it prompted the company to create a milk chocolate bar as well.

At first, MrBeast was hesitant to add it, as he prides himself on offering vegan products.

However, after realizing that a lot of the milk chocolate bars in the market taste awful and are filled with chemicals, he decided to take action. Now, he produces one of the most delicious milk chocolate bars out there.

The MrBeast milk chocolate bars boast a simple and wholesome ingredient list, including organic chocolate, cocoa butter, grass-fed milk, and vanilla extract, plus cane sugar.

The grass-fed milk plays a crucial role in enhancing the bar’s taste. MrBeast is committed to sourcing it from reputable, certified sources, ensuring both the cows and consumers are happy.

The MrBeast milk chocolate bar comes in two flavors: Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Crunch which includes crispy puffed rice.

MrBeast’s Deez Nuts Chocolate Bar

The Deez Nuts Chocolate Bar is technically just another flavor of the MrBeast milk chocolate bar line we covered above.

However, MrBeast cleverly markets it separately mostly because it’s a fun and attention-grabbing name that gets people talking!

Deez Nuts contains the same core (and mostly organic) ingredients as the other milk chocolate bars plus delicious creamy peanut butter and a hint of salt.

Where To Buy The MrBeast Chocolate BarS

Getting your hands on a MrBeast chocolate bar might require some quick action as they tend to sell out fast. However, fear not. You’ve got plenty of places you can shop to get your hands on a bar or ten!

The best places to look are Feastables.com, Walmart, Albertsons, and Amazon.

If these options don’t work for you, plenty of other retailers stock MrBeast products as well like 7-Eleven, Speedway, Target, Vons, Carrs and Randalls are just a few. You can check the store locator on the Feastables website to look for a location near you.

Other Products From Feastables

While Feastables is well-known for its chocolate bars, it has some other fun goodies as well.

Karl Gummies

Recently, they joined forces with Karl Jacobs, a member of the MrBeast crew, to create Karl Gummies.

The gummies are entirely plant-based and made from natural ingredients, including natural coloring. With low sugar content, they serve as a great guilt-free snack.

Karl Gummies currently come in two flavors: sour green apple and sour blue raspberry.

Feastables Cookies

In addition to gummies, Feastables also offers cookies. MrBeast Cookies, are soft and delicious, made with simple and top-notch ingredients. These treats are plant-based and gluten-free.

You won’t find any artificial stuff like high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils. These cookies are made with gluten-free flour, coconut oil and natural flavors.

MrBeast Cookies currently come in two flavors: chocolate chip and chocolate chip peanut butter.

Final Thoughts On MrBeast Chocolate

It’s clear the power of social media and MrBeast’s immense influence have played a pivotal role in catapulting his chocolate venture to new heights.

His massive following on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram has allowed him to reach millions of people, spreading awareness about his charitable efforts and of course, his delicious treats too.

I don’t know about you, but we can wait to see what he comes up with next!

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