50+ Drinks On The Dutch Bros Secret Menu

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As fantastic as Dutch Bros’ coffee menu is, there is no denying the urge to try something new. Yet, nobody wants to risk getting a drink they won’t like.

The best way to balance this risk with reward is to order from the Dutch Bros’ baristas you trust, but request something from their “secret” menu.

Dutch Bros Coffee is a popular coffee chain based in Oregon, which offers a wide variety of drinks both with and without espresso. In order to get something off of Dutch Bros Coffee’s secret menu, you can try to order the drink. However, also be prepared to describe to Dutch Bros’ “broistas” what is in it if they do not recognize the name. 

In this article, we’ll start with a brief overview of what Dutch Bros coffee is and how to order from their secret menu.

Then we’ll treat you to a look at our list of over 50 of Dutch Bros’ best off-menu drinks and their descriptions so you can pick what you’d like to try next and order it. Let’s get started. 

Dutch Bros Location

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What is Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros is a coffee company growing and expanding out of Oregon. Some of their drink offerings typically include the favorites found at most coffee shops, such as espresso-based lattes and cappuccinos, cold brews, Dutch cocoas, sodas, and even energy drinks. Interestingly, the one thing you won’t find at Dutch Bros is regular drip coffee!

Check the list below to see some of the standard offerings at Dutch Bros:

  • Latte – Standard espresso and milk drink, which can be ordered with several different kinds of milk and flavors, iced, or hot. 
  • Cold Brew – A type of iced coffee concentrate steeped for many hours and served cold, sometimes infused with nitrogen in its “nitro” form.
  • Breve – A type of latte made with half and half rather than espresso, which is used as a default at Dutch Bros. 
  • Americano – Americanos are Dutch Bros’ substitute for regular drip coffee: they are made with espresso combined with either hot water or iced water.
  • Dutch Cocoa – Hot chocolate, but made with Dutch Bros’ special blend of chocolate milk. 
  • Tea – Dutch Bros serves Harney & Sons brand of tea, and makes chai teas. All of these can be blended up with ice, iced, or served hot.
  • Dutch Soda – Dutch sodas are non-caffeinated bubbly drinks made with flavors chosen by the customer. 
  • Rebel Energy Drink – Rebel is Dutch Bros exclusive energy drink type. It’s available in a large variety of flavors and flavor combinations. It can also be ordered sugar-free.
  • Dutch Freeze – A type of blended, iced coffee beverage with the consistency of a milkshake. 
  • Smoothie – Dutch Bros makes smoothies with fruit flavors such as green apple, peach, mango, and strawberry. 
  • Lemonade – Dutch Bros offers sweet lemonade which can be customized with additional flavors.

All of these drinks come in sizes that are small, medium, or large. Hot drinks tend to be about 8 ounces smaller than iced versions on average. There is a kids’ size for an extra-small version of most drinks too.

One of the most important things to understand about Dutch Bros is that their specialty drinks are not named, but the combination of flavors are.

So for example, if you ask Dutch Bros for a “Golden Eagle,” you are essentially asking for the same flavor combo to be added to whatever drink you’re getting, no matter the drink. 

Golden Eagle combines caramel and vanilla flavors. A Golden Eagle Americano would be espresso, water, and the Golden Eagle vanilla and caramel. A Golden Eagle Freeze would be a blended iced coffee with the Golden Eagle flavors of vanilla and caramel, and so on. 

Dutch Bros Coffee Secret Menu Feature

How to Order From the Secret Menu

All you need to know in order to get a drink from the secret menu at your local Dutch Bros is what is actually in the drink.

Sometimes, broistas won’t know what you mean if you simply use one of the names of drinks on our list. So, it is always a good idea to come prepared with a description of flavors or the basics of the drink. 

It’s also important to remember that supplies vary by location, so your favorite “secret” menu beverage might not always be available at all stores.

Without further ado, let’s get into the best 55 secret menu items at Dutch Bros Coffee. Remember, most of these are flavor combinations alone, so you’ll need to tell your broista at Dutch Bros what kind of drink you want in addition to the flavors.

Let’s look at some top options from the Dutch Bros Coffee Secret Menu.

1.   Snickers

A candy-bar-like treat made with hazelnut, dark chocolate, and caramel.

2.   The Vader

A Vader is nicknamed for the darkness that comes from three whole shots of espresso added to the drink of your choice, alongside dark chocolate flavoring, two shots of mint flavoring, and blue Rebel, too.

3.   Trifecta 

The Trifecta has three different flavors in it: white chocolate, caramel, and also some dark chocolate.

4.   The Nutty Irishman

The best way to order this is a breve (most Dutch Bros hot coffee drinks are made this way anyway) but with the addition of Irish cream flavoring and hazelnut flavoring.

5.   Pumpkin Pie Breve

Order a breve with pumpkin flavoring and you’ll have a delicious, creamy fall favorite no matter the time of year.

6.   Sugar Cookie 

A sugar cookie is a breve drink made with Dutch Bros white coffee, but also white chocolate, almond roca, and vanilla. 

7.   White Coffee S’mores Breve

A breve made with white coffee, black sugar syrup, chocolate macadamia flavoring, cinnamon syrup, and the addition of dark chocolate and white chocolate.

8.   White Coffee Cookie Breve

This Breve is made with macadamia nut and white chocolate, like a cookie.

9.   White Zombie

We love this spooky favorite for its vanilla mixed with white chocolate in an already-creamy breve. 

10. Molten Lava

A molten lava is a mocha (or latte with chocolate syrup) which adds in cinnamon and some extra chocolate. 

11. The Grand Canyon

Also called the Dutch Canyon, this drink features white chocolate, chocolate milk, and caramel.

12. Ninja Turtle

This beverage is a crème de menthe added to a white chocolate mocha.

13. Crazy Hawaiian

Also called “wallaby,” this drink is a mocha that uses dark chocolate, caramel, and chocolate macadamia nut flavorings. 

14. Chai Nog

Looking for an extra boost of holiday magic? The Chai Nog is a chai tea latte that’s made with eggnog flavor.

15. Cookie 

A breve drink with white chocolate and chocolate macadamia nut that tastes just like a cookie.

16. Ba-Nay-Nay

This drink tastes as good as it sounds: a dark chocolate mocha with banana flavoring and whipped cream.

17. Bob

This drink is named after Bob Marley, and is made using dark chocolate, coconut, and a banana.

18. Caramel Nog

This is a simple recipe that uses eggnog flavor to spice up a caramel latte. 

19. Candy Cane

Another holiday favorite, this drink is chocolate in a latte with peppermint, and was once on the official menu. Order it as a Freeze to get some dark chocolate thrown in.

20. Picture Perfect

This is less of a drink in and of itself and is more of a specialized topping to get added to any drink. “Picture Perfect” drinks will have whipped cream drizzled with dark chocolate and caramel. 

21. Cake Batter Freeze

A freeze made with almond roca, vanilla, white chocolate, and confetti sprinkles. 

22. Bubble Gum Frost

Always a favorite with the kids, the bubble gum vibe comes from vanilla, banana and strawberry flavors.

23. The Coral Reef

Coral reef features orange and vanilla flavors with blue raspberry drizzled on top.

24. Vanilla Bean Frost

The vanilla bean frost is chocolate macadamia syrup added to a vanilla milkshake-like freeze.

25. Bugatti Berry

A Dutch rebel drink made with blackberry and grapefruit flavoring. 

26. Daydream Rebel

This is another Dutch Rebel Drink made with flavors of elderflower and passion fruit. 

27. Pup-a-ccino

This drink is actually a dog treat smothered in whipped cream for a pooch’s wildest dreams!

28. Sweet Sunrise Tea

This is a black or green iced tea with orange, passion fruit, peach, and banana flavors mixed in. 

29. Sexy Love Potion Iced Tea 

This is a green iced tea that gets infused with strawberry, lime, and passion fruit flavors. 

30. The Why Bother

This is also called “Just Stay Home,” but it is basically a decaf espresso drink made with no sugar or flavoring and nonfat milk. 

31. Whip Stix

Asking for a “Whipped Stick” or Whip Stix will earn you a straw with whipped cream sprayed onto the end to enjoy as a treat!

32. Wookie Spice

A Rebel Drink that has been steamed with Oregon Chai added to it. 

33. Unicorn Blood Rebel

An energy drink with white chocolate, almond, and strawberry flavoring added in.

34. Trixie Rebel

An energy drink made with pomegranate, almond, and orange. Also called the “Pixie Stick Rebel.”

35. Stop Light Rebel

An energy drink made with pomegranate, kiwi, and passion fruit. 

36. Turkey Trot Rebel

An energy drink made with orange and peach, as well as a strawberry drizzle. 

37. Laser Cat Rebel

An energy drink with coconut mixed with raspberries.

38. James Dean Rebel

Sometimes called the “Double Rainbro,” this energy drink has coconut, strawberry, and peach flavors.

39. Dirty White Girl

An energy drink with blackberry, white chocolate, and almond.

40. Toasted Mellow Frost

This flavor combo is made with chocolate, macadamia nuts and vanilla. 

41. Peppermint Bark

Similar to the peppermint mocha, this drink is blended up with dark and white chocolate and peppermint. 

42. Orangesicle

Ask for a frozen drink with vanilla and orange flavors, just like a creamsicle!

43. Pink Flamingo Frost

Another frozen beverage with strawberry added to white chocolate and peach. It has also been called the “Skittles” frost. 

44. Cinnabon Frost

Ask for your drink to be made with cinnamon, white chocolate and maybe some brown sugar syrup too.

45. Cap’n Crunch Frost

Hazelnut and strawberries give this flavor combo a Crunch Berries vibe.

46. White Russian

White chocolate and Irish cream join forces to cream the White Russian flavor.

47.  Dinosaur Egg Rebel

This fun flavor features a blue Rebel with blue raspberry flavoring and unicorn blood (strawberry, white chocolate, almond) drizzled on top.

48. Dirty Girl Rebel

Ask for the Dirty Girl Rebel and you’ll get a drink with blackberry and almond. Request a Dirty White Girl and they’ll add some white chocolate too.

49. Ocean Water

A refreshing Rebel made with coconut, blue raspberry, and lime – no salty sea water included!

50. Iced Paris Tea

This is a fun a cool name for a fancy sweet tea – just add any flavors you like.

51. Dutch Mojito Iced Tea

A lime, creme de menthe, and coconut tea (no alcohol!)

52. London Fog

Tasty, but not available everywhere, London Fog includes Earl Grey Tea with honey and steamed milk. You can also order it “Old School” for a touch of vanilla.

53. Electric Berry Green Tea

A pretty green tea with blue raspberry and lime flavors.

Final Thoughts: Dutch Bros Secret Menu

It’s always fun to order one of the flavor combinations on the Dutch Bros’ secret menu.

Just remember to memorize what’s in it and to be patient with your barista if they are not familiar. Remember, the menu is “secret” and even they might not know about it! Enjoy!

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