Does Crumbl Have Gluten-Free Cookies?

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Crumbl Cookies is a popular chain of cookie shops known for its decadent and delicious cookies. With a wide range of flavors and options, Crumbl has become a go-to destination for cookie lovers across the United States.

However, for those with dietary restrictions or preferences, one question that often arises is whether Crumbl offers gluten-free cookies.

The unfortunate answer is that Crumbl currently does not offer gluten-free cookies on a regular basis. They may offer a gluten-free flavor option on occasion, but it is rare to see a GF cookie on the menu. In fact, they also don’t offer keto, dairy-free, vegan or kosher cookies either.

In this article, we’ll explain why Crumbl doesn’t offer more treats that are safe for allergy and dietary restrictions. We’ll also answer some FAQs on specific ingredients.

And finally, we’ll offer you plenty of other delicious options from companies that offer gluten-free cookies and other treats for those with dietary restrictions or preferences.

Are Crumbl Cookies Gluten Free? Dessert options for dietary restrictions.

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Why Doesn’t Crumbl Cookies Offer More Cookies For Dietary Restrictions?

According to Crumbl, the main reason they don’t offer gluten-free, keto, vegan or kosher cookies is because their shops are open-concept.

This means when you walk into a Crumbl location you can see the kitchen and the cookies being mixed, baked, frosted, and decorated right in front of you.

Because of the open-concept design, cross-contamination of ingredients is an issue.

Although Crumbl doesn’t offer gluten-free cookies, you still have plenty of options.

Check out these gluten-free resources:

Does Crumbl Offer Nut-Free Cookies?

Many Crumbl cookie flavors are nut-free and don’t contain nut allergens. But remember, the open-concept kitchens mean that nut products and ingredients are stored and used throughout the stores … possibly right next to that nut-free cookie!

If you’re looking for nut-free cookies and other treats, a great alternative is to check out the nut-free selections from Goldbelly. From cookies and cakes to ice cream and babka, you’ll find a huge variety of nut-free treats from across the US that can be delivered straight to your door.

Is The New Crumbl Sugar Cookie Nut-Free?

Unfortunately, no, Crumbl’s Pink Sugar cookie is no longer allergy friendly for those who need to avoid nuts and nut ingredients.

In 2022, Crumbl announced they had revamped their beloved pink sugar cookie recipe. And much to the dismay of those with nut allergies, they changed the recipe to include almond extract.

What About Crumbl Marshmallows? Are They Vegetarian or Vegan?

It’s always best to check the nutritional information on any cookie flavor on the Crumbl website, but these general rules apply to cookies with marshmallows:

  • If the cookie has marshmallow cream, it is vegetarian, not vegan.
  • If actual marshmallows are used in the cookie, it contains gelatin so it is not vegetarian.

If you’re looking for vegan treats, be sure to check out the 10 Best Bakeries To Order Vegan Cakes & Desserts Online For Delivery. Goldbelly is another great resource to shop online for vegan desserts that can be shipped nationwide.

Gluten-Free Crumbl Cookie Recipes

If you’re really craving a Crumbl cookie and feeling frustrated that you can’t enjoy one due to a gluten allergy, intolerance or dietary preference, maybe you can make one at home!

Check out these 50+ Copycat Crumbl Cookie Recipes. Near the bottom of the article, you’ll find a nice selection of gluten-free Copycat Crumbl recipes – everything from their classic sugar cookie to an Oreo brownie GF cookie!

Final Thoughts On Crumbl Cookies Gluten-Free Offerings

Although Crumbl hasn’t brought many treats to the table that are suitable for dietary restrictions, you still have lots of options. From ordering treats on Goldbelly to making your own Crumbl copycat recipes, go forth and indulge!

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