What Happened To The Crumbl Pink Sugar Cookie?

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In the world of cookies, few treats have achieved legendary status and dedicated following like Crumbl’s Pink Sugar Cookie. Over the past couple of years, this iconic dessert has had Crumbl’s fan base (myself included) in a frenzy.

In this article, we explore the rollercoaster ride of the world’s most famous pink sugar cookie, from its introduction to its ups and downs, and the latest developments.

Crumbl Pink Sugar Cookie
Image: Crumbl Pink Sugar Cookie

Love At First Bite

Crumbl’s Pink Sugar Cookie first graced the menu as a weekly star. The soft, buttery sugar cookie with its perfect pink frosting was hard to beat. Most people absolutely adored the cookie not only because it looked and tasted good, but it also evoked feelings of nostalgia and a simpler time.

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An Unexpected Farewell

However, the dessert’s seemingly never-ending reign came to an abrupt end in April 2022 when it was unexpectedly discontinued. In the aftermath, Crumbl loyalists weighed in on sites like Reddit to voice their opinions ranging from “I’m boycotting!” to “finally freed up room for good cookies!”.

The reason behind its departure was explained as the company needed to make room for other new and specialty flavors in the rotation. Crumbl’s announcement of discontinuing the pink sugar cookie left loyal fans in shock, but little did they know, a twist was on the horizon.

The Sweet Comeback … With A Twist

In a surprising turn of events, on August 29, 2022, Crumbl announced that the Pink Sugar Cookie was making a triumphant return. This time, it was back on the weekly rotating menu, featuring a new and improved recipe.

The difference? The frosting had been reformulated with real almond extract.

And again, the Crumbl clan chimed in with their love/hate viewpoints on the change. Many of the unhappy campers voiced concerns about no longer being able to enjoy the cookie because of nut allergies or simply because it just tasted too different.

Another Bittersweet Goodbye

Just when we thought the Pink Sugar Cookie’s future was secure, another twist unfolded. In July 2023, Crumbl did yet another switcheroo, stating that the Pink Sugar Cookie was once again being removed from the weekly menu.

Alongside this change, they unveiled another switch to the weekly menu. Their very first flavor ever, the milk chocolate chip cookie, would now alternate weekly with the semi-sweet chocolate chunk cookie.

The Mystery Flavor Program

Despite the disappointment of losing a weekly favorite, not all was lost. In the August 2022 announcement, Crumbl unveiled an exciting new addition. Each store would now feature a mystery flavor of their choice one week per month. To uncover these mysteries at the nearest store, customers can check the Crumbl app for updates.

Final Thoughts

Is the beloved pink sugar cookie really gone for good from the weekly menu? Honestly, I don’t even think Crumbl knows the answer to that. Despite the public outcry when they removed it from the weekly menu, I’m sure they base their decisions on actual sales. If people vote with their dollars, we might just see a return.

The good news is that with the ever-changing weekly flavors, there is often a frosted sugar cookie that is somewhat similar to the OG pink sugar cookie. While not exactly the same, they are still pretty darn goon.

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