Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Cake Remix Cereal Review

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I think it’s fair to say that cereal lovers were surprised and excited to see this fun new cereal partnership between Malt-O-Meal and Cold Stone Creamery!

Cold Stone Birthday Cake Remix Cereal

If you’ve ever bought Malt-O-Meal cereal before, you know that the bags are HUGE. I’m pretty much the only cereal eater in my household, so to justify this purchase, I bought this Birthday Cake Remix Cereal as a gift for my nephew’s birthday and then promptly asked him if we could open it and eat some. Auntie of the year!

And on that note, if you need a gift idea for someone with a birthday coming up, check out this awesome list of birthday cake themed products like Birthday Cake Shampoo! Or you could just buy a treat for yourself. That is perfectly acceptable in our book!

Okay, back to the cereal!

Cold Stone Birthday Cake Remix

Of course, nothing can ever replace a real ice cream cone, but we did enjoy this cereal. It has sweet, vanilla-ish puffs speckled with confetti and small light brown marshmallows that taste like chocolate. We tried the cereal with and without milk. For me, this one is definitely better with milk. It brings all the flavors together and adds a nice creaminess.

A Malt-O-Meal, Cold Stone Strawberry Blonde Cereal is also available currently. I did not try this one, but it is described as “strawberry ice cream flavored puffs, toasted honey graham squares and tasty marshmallow bits.” That all sounds good to me!

Would I buy it again: Probably not. The bag is just too big!  But interesting to note, that Malt-O-Meal bags create 75% less packaging waste than comparable size cereal boxes and the eco-friendly packaging can be recycled with terracycle  🙂

Would I eat it again if offered to me?  Absolutely!

Rating: 3/5

Price: $5.98

Store: Walmart




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