25+ Cute & Colorful Cocomelon Cake Ideas

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If your kids are asking for a Cocomelon cake for their next party, you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re looking for a masterpiece to order for a special occasion or you want to try your hand at making an easy cake design at home, we’ve got you covered with 25 of our favorite Cocomelon cake ideas.

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Where Can I Find Cocomelon Birthday Cakes Near Me?

If you’re planning to buy a Cocomelon cake for your party, be sure to look at your local chain stores like Walmart and also contact your local bakeries.

Local chain stores like Walmart typically have a large selection of licensed cake designs to choose from. The pros of using a chain store are that you can usually get a cake on short notice and the prices are affordable. The cons are limited selection, customization and lower quality cakes.

If possible, it’s a great idea to support your local bakery when ordering your Cocomelon cake. Although the prices will be higher and you’ll most likely need to give more notice, your local cake designer will definitely be able to offer more creativity and customization of cake design and flavors.

Provide them with some ideas from the list of Cocomelon cakes below to get the creative juices flowing!

How Much Does A Cocomelon Cake Cost?

A Cocomelon cake can cost anywhere from $20-$200+ dollars. The price of a cake depends on several factors, but here are some of the most common things to consider:

  • Where You Get Your Cake: A homemade cake will cost significantly less than a store-bought cake. If you’re buying your cake, a grocery store or Walmart will be most affordable. Local bakeries will be more expensive.
  • Cake Design: A small one-layer cake with a simple design, such as an edible image, will be most affordable. If your bakery has a book of standard cake designs to choose from, these options will also help keep costs lower. Custom designs, fondant or sugar work will cost more.
  • Cake Size: Quarter sheet cakes or 8-9″ round cakes are popular choices for kids parties and are usually lower priced. Large cakes with multiple layers, tiers and flavors will cost much more.

How Do You Make A Cocomelon Cake?

So you’re ready to tackle making your Cocomelon cake at home! Good for you! There are plenty of DIY easy Cocomelon cake designs in the list below to inspire you.

Making your own cake is the perfect way to show your kids how much you love them – and they’re sure to have a blast decorating if they want to help in the birthday fun.

Here’s a quick list of some things you’ll need to make your own Cocomelon cake:

  • Pick a design: Get inspired by a Cocomeloncake design idea in this article or grab a notebook and take a crack at designing your own edible creation.
  • Cake:  A boxed cake mix is super quick, easy and they taste good too. If you would rather make a cake from scratch, try this old-fashioned chocolate cake. Be sure to pick a cake size that will serve the number of guests you are expecting.
  • Frosting: Store-bought frosting or homemade buttercream are both great options. If you choose canned frosting, take a look at these tips to make it taste more like homemade.
  • Cake Toppers: Etsy and Amazon are great places to find Cocomelon cake toppers, decorations and cutouts. You can also find edible images.
  • Edible Images: You may also want to use Cocomelon edible images. These are thin edible sheets you place right on your frosting. The edible image then dissolves right into the frosting. So quick, easy and it looks great too!
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25+ Cocomelon Cake Ideas

No two Cocomelon cakes are alike – each one is a unique work of art. Whether you’re looking for a simple design or an elaborate masterpiece, there’s a Cocomelon cake out there for you.

To help you find the perfect cake for your next party, I’ve compiled a list of 25+ stunning Cocomelon cake designs. From classic round cakes to tiered wonders, these cakes are sure to impress. So take a look and get inspired! Your perfect Cocomelon cake is waiting.

1. Cocomelon Cake With Watermelon Theme

This playful take on the Cocomelon theme really highlights the colors and vibe of watermelon!

Cake by Sweet Treats From Rachel Jones.

Sweet Treats By Rachel Jones Cocomelon Cake

2. Cocomelon Cake Plus Smash Cake

Here’s a great idea: one cake for cutting and one for smashing!

Cake by Lady Di’s Cake House.

Lady Dis Cake House Cocomelon Cake and Smash Cake

3. DIY Easy Cocomelon Cake To Make At Home Without Fondant

Grab your green frosting and star tips and get piping! This easy Cocomelon cake was created by home baker Brittany Bjornholm.

Cocomelon Cake By Home baker Brittany Bjornholm

4. Light Blue Cocomelon Cake For Boys and Girls

Little boys and girls alike will love this fun cake with a JJ cutout right on top! This cheerful cake uses quite a few different techniques to bring together characters and themes from Cocomelon. Check out a quick video here.

Cake from Cakes By Els.

Cakes By Els Cocomelon Cake

5. Easy Cocomelon Cake To Make At Home

Here’s another sweet and simple idea for a Cocomelon cake that you can make at home.

Cake from Lorna Armstrong.

Cocomelon Cake by Lorna Armstrong

6. Cocomelon Cake For 1st Birthday

Cute and colorful, this adorable Cocomelon cake is perfect for any party.

Cake from Cakes By Zana.

7. Two-Tier Cocomelon Cake

A two-tier cake like this one can feed up to 25 people. This particular cake features buttercream, marshmallow fondant and edible images of Bingo dog, school bus, and JJ from Cocomelon. Perfect for a 1st birthday for boys or girls.

Cake from Tutu’s Cakes.

9. Cocomelon and Rainbow Cake

This amazing Cocomelon cake is almost too beautiful to eat! There are so many details that add to the fun of this cake that is sure to be the talk of any party or celebration.

Cake from Cakes and Icing.

10. Cocomelon Cake For Girls

This cake has super sweet fruit elements that make it a perfectly cute cake for any little girl (or boy too!).

Cake from Cara Marie Fancy Cakes.

11. Cocomelon Cake With Pink Layer and Lollipop

This cute Cocomelon cake has plenty of bright colors and fun topper elements. The “1” topper makes it perfect for a 1st birthday party celebration.

Cake from Leanne’s Cakes Geelong.

12. Cocomelon Cake With Light Blue Layer

The diagonal rainbow set against a sky blue layer really sets this birthday cake apart from other designs. The white polka dots add a whimsical touch.

Cake from Outta The Oven.

13. Single Layer Cocomelon Cake

The small round cake is covered in fondant and designed to look just like the loveable Cocomelon. The number, ladybug and rainbow are made of fondant with meringue clouds.

Cake from Captain’s Mix & Magic.

14. Cocomelon Smash Cake

If you need a smash cake, this is a great one! It’s covered in green buttercream – perfect for taking a big bite!

Cake from Cakes By Christa.

15. Green and White Stripe Cocomelon Cake

Many Cocomelon cakes feature a solid green cake layer. The green and white stripes on the bottom layer of this cake add a unique, whimsical touch.

Cake from CupCakes and Beyond.

16. Cocomelon Number Theme Cake

The fondant letters and stars at the base of this cake add some extra festive fun for your party. The large number topper is fun for the birthday boy or girl to see too!

Cake from Illusions Cakes & More.

17. Simple, Easy Cocomelon Cake

This sweet and simple cake takes a totally different approach than some others on the list, but represents the Cocomelon cartoon perfectly.

Cake from Katy’s Kitchen.

18. Custom 3D Cocomelon Cake

There is a stunning amount of detail in this cake with realistic 3D Cocomelon character toppers.

Cake from Celebrate With Cake.

19. Cute Sculpted Cocomelon Cake

Cuteness overload in this sculpted Cocomelon cake with an adorable little lady bug.

Cake from Sweet Olivia Sugar Art.

20. Cocomelon Cake With School Bus

The clean lines and attention to detail make this Cocomelon cake absolutely amazing!

Cake from M Cake Creations.

21. Cocomelon Cake With Letters and Numbers

Another stunning Cocomelon cake design from M Cake Creations.

22. Musical Cocomelon Cake

Cocomelon songs come to life on this sweet cake fit for any little music lover.

Cake from M Cake Creations.

23. Cocomelon Bus Cake

This 3D Cocomelon school bus cake is a work of art!

Cake from Scrumptious Treats By Anna Yiu.

24. Cocomelon Character Cake With Stars

This showstopping cake features adorable characters from Cocomelon, plus colorful stars, rainbows and other fun elements kids will love.

Cake from Anna Wanna Bake.

25. Adorable Cocomelon Cake With Pastel Colors

Cocomelon cakes don’t get much cuter than this masterpiece featuring gorgeous pastel colors. Perfect for a little boy or girl’s first birthday.

Cake from CakeaDoodle.

There’s no doubt that Cocomelon cakes are super popular. And with good reason! These cakes are so darn cute and they’re also so fun for kids to enjoy. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind cake for your next special occasion, consider one of these 25 Cocomelon cake ideas. From easy cakes to make at home to stunning professional designs, there’s sure to be a Cocomelon cake that’s perfect for you.

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