15 Unique Chocolate Gifts For Christmas (2022)

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If you’re like most people, you are probably thinking about what to buy for your family and friends this Christmas. Chocolate gifts are the perfect solution.

It seems that everyone loves chocolate in some form or another. And there are so many options out there, but a lot of them are boring and predictable.

It can be hard to find a chocolate gift that is unique enough without being too expensive or impractical. You need to think outside the box (of chocolates) to find the perfect gift.

We have put together a list of 15 unique and delicious chocolate gifts so that you can choose something special for everyone on your holiday shopping list this year. These chocolates will bring smiles to faces everywhere.

Unique Chocolate Christmas Gifts Feature

15 Unique Chocolate Gifts For Christmas

The Cookie Joint Chocolate Cookie Fries

1. Chocolate Cookie Fries With Chocolate Dipping Sauce

The Cookie Joint

On Oprah’s O-List! Who wouldn’t love some delicious shortbread cookies cut and shaped like crinkle-cut French fries, packaged in classic fry cartons, and served with decadent dipping sauces?!

Try chocolate cookies and sauce or mix it up with other cookie flavors like mint, cookies & cream, cinnamon and toffee crunch. Add some fun sauces like marshmallow or salted caramel for the most delicious chocolate gift you can dream up!

Astor Chocolate Snoopy Chocolate Bars Christmas Gifts

2. Peanuts Character Chocolate Bar Collection

Astor Chocolate

Everyone loves Snoopy and the gang! These chocolate bars featuring all your favorite characters make a perfect holiday gift.

Choose from a 3-pack, 5-pack, a tub of mini thins, a 10-piece comic strip set, and even a one-pound giant chocolate bar!

Wicked Good Cupcake Chocolate Cake In A Jar Gift

3. Chocolate Cupcakes In A Jar

Wicked Good Cupcakes

As seen on Shark Tank! Sink your spoon into this super fun cupcake in a jar! Layers of moist chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream and sprinkles – every bite is an adventure.

There are 10+ flavors to include from that include chocolate. Plus other fun flavors liked salted caramel and red velvet. Quite a few gluten-free options too.

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Vosges Chocolate Truffle Christmas Gift

4. Enchanted Holiday Truffle Collection

Vosges Haut Chocolat

This stunning collection of gourmet truffles from around the world will be the talk of your holiday celebration.

Includes 18 gorgeous truffles with exotic ingredients like pink cacao, gold leaf, french plums, Bulgarian rose water, violet flowers, basil and more.

West Coast Confection Peanut Butter Brownie

5. Gourmet One-Pound Brownies

West Coast Confection

Indulgent. Gourmet. Massive. Just a few words to describe these gigantic brownies that weigh in at almost a pound each!

Mix ‘n match flavors or even invent your own brownie creation. If you can dream it, they can probably make it. These jumbo brownies would make a surprising, yet perfect Christmas gift.

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Green Roads CBD Chocolate

6. CBD Dark Chocolate Bar

Green Roads

Add some zen vibes to your holiday party with a CBD chocolate bar.

This 62% cocoa bar is smooth, creamy and hand-crafted in small batches. With 15 mg of CBD per serving (no THC), it’s a perfect way to melt away the stress of the holidays.

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Chocolate Wheel Gift Dylans Candy Bar

7. Chocolate Color Wheel

Dylan’s Candy Bar

This colorful wheel of assorted chocolates is a perfect Christmas gift for kids, creative types and anyone who appreciates a little bit of fun.

Each wheel has 56 squares of premium Belgian milk and dark chocolates in color-coded flavors like Peanut Butter, S’mores, Toffee Crunch, Hazelnut, Dark Mint, Almond, and Caramel.

Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

8. Decadent Brownie Chocolate Cheesecake

Bake Me A Wish

A chocolate lover’s dream! Creamy chocolate cheesecake on a chocolate crust, topped with a layer of fudge frosting, rich brownies and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

This chocorific treat comes with a card you can personalize for the occasion and arrives in an elegant gift box.

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Ethel M Chocolates For Christmas Gifts

9. Custom Chocolate Collection

Ethel M

Create the ultimate personalized chocolate gift with this custom collection.

Choose from over 30 chocolate flavors including classics like caramels and truffles to unique selections like prickly pear and champagne.

Edible Chocolate Cookie Dough Gift

10. Edible Chocolate S’mores Cookie Dough


As seen on Shark Tank! Eat it raw or bake it up – the choice is yours with this totally safe-to-eat cookie dough. This epic dough has earned over 4000 5-star reviews!

For the ultimate chocolate experience, try the chocolate s’mores flavor or the ‘Beast Mode Brownie’ (chocolate dough with brownies and chocolate chips).

Sugar Plum Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

11. Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Sugar Plum Chocolates

The perfect blend of sweet and salty! This 1/2 pound box has handcrafted milk and dark chocolate-covered chips.

The potato chips are locally sourced from Pennsylvania and hand-dipped by artisan chocolatiers to ensure every bite is perfectly salty, crunchy, sweet, smooth, and of course, delicious.

XO Marshmallow Chocolate Covered Turtle Christmas Gift

12. Handmade Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Turtles

XO Marshmallow

The classic Turtles candy is elevated to a whole new level with this handmade, decadent treat.

A thick layer of dark chocolate enrobes layers of gooey caramel, crunch pecans and homemade vanilla marshmallow.

Also try their other over-the-top sweet creations like the cookie dough cones and butterbeer marshmallows!

Just The Fun Part Chocolate Waffle Cone Bites

13. Bite-Sized Chocolate-Filled Waffle Cones

Just The Fun Part

You know that delicious last bite of a Drumstick ice cream bar that is just the tip of the cone filled with chocolate? Well, this is a WHOLE bag of those waffle cone tips!

Pick from your choice of 100% Belgian dark or milk chocolate. The box comes with 6 full-size bags making them perfect for stocking stuffers or gifts for co-workers, teachers or anyone who deserves a sweet treat.

Gatsby Chocolate Bar Gift

14. The Lowest Calorie Chocolate You’ll Find

Gatsby Chocolate

From the co-founder of Halo Top! Luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate with 1/2 the calories and 75% less sugar than regular chocolate!

Don’t just take our word for it … user surveys rate the taste at 4.8 out of 5 points. Their top-secret, patent-pending recipe also includes MCT oil, a first in the chocolate industry.

Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Popcorn Popcornopolis

15. Hot Cocoa & Marshmallow Popcorn


This chocolatey treat is a fun and unique way to get your hot cocoa fix. Delicious chocolate-coated popcorn is drizzled with even more chocolate and sprinkled with tiny marshmallows.

Order in a classic Popcornopolis cone or go big with a 2 or 3.5-gallon tin.

We hope that you’ve found a few ideas for your holiday shopping list this year. Whether it’s to share with friends, family, or coworkers – there really is a unique chocolate gift out there for everyone!

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