Breyers Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Review Plus 3 Delicious Recipes

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No need to run to the mall to get your Cinnabon fix! Breyers and Cinnabon have teamed up to create a cinnamon roll ice cream that will knock your socks off. 

This treat is a spin on the classic Cinnabon cinnamon roll that will take your tastebuds on a tasty trip.

Breyers Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Cover with Scoops

(Technically, this treat is a frozen dairy dessert, but it tastes like delicious ice cream to me, so I’m just gonna call it that!)

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Breyers Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Review

The Cinnabon flavor that you know and love is strong in this new bakery-inspired treat.

The base is creamy and has a sweet vanilla and cinnamon flavor to it. It is packed with little pieces of cinnamon dough that give the ice cream some texture. There is also a generous cinnamon swirl flowing throughout. 

The Breyers Cinnabon ice cream can be found at retailers like Target, Walmart and Meijer.

Another cool thing about Breyers Cinnabon is that it can be the star of the show in some creative recipes. Breyers and Cinnabon also co-created some recipes to celebrate the launch of the new ice cream.

How would you like to indulge in a Cinnabon waffle taco, an ice cream cone made from Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, or a creamy affogato coffee dessert? 

Keep reading for more details about these tasty treats!

Fun and Easy Recipes to Make with Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream

Cinnamon Roll Waffle Taco Dessert With Ice Cream

Breyers Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Taco Feature

This culinary masterpiece highlights a scoop of Breyers Cinnabon wrapped up in a Cinnabon-inspired cinnamon roll waffle taco topped with toasted pecans and a drizzle of caramel?

Might as well throw on the icing and some whipped cream too!


Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Cones

Breyers Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Ice Cream Cone Feature

Why have a regular ice cream cone when you can make one out of cinnamon rolls?

You’ll never go back to boring old cones again after you see how quick and easy it is to make cinnamon roll ice cream cones.


Cinnamon Affogato Coffee Dessert

Breyers Cinnabon Affagato Coffee Dessert Feature

An affogato drink is just a fancy way to describe a scoop of ice cream that gets “drowned” with hot coffee or espresso.  In this recipe, piping hot Cinnabon coffee is poured over cold Breyers Cinnabon to make a delicious coffee dessert drink.


Breyers CarbSmart Ice Cream

Although delicious, Breyers Cinnabon isn’t quite the best choice if you’re counting carbs. The great news is that you substitute Breyers Carb Smart in these recipes.

Breyer’s low carb ice cream comes in quite a few yummy flavors like chocolate, chocolate chip, mint fudge cookie, mint chip and brownie a la mode. Each of these flavors would be great in the above recipes, but to stay true to the cinnamon bun ice cream vibe, you might try the Breyers CarbSmart vanilla and add a sprinkle of cinnamon!

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Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cones

Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Waffle Cones With Sprinkles

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Bread (2-ingredients)

Ice Cream Bread Feature Image

Circus Animal Cookie Ice Cream (No Churn)

No Churn Circus Animal Cookies Ice Cream

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