12 Best Birthday Cakes To Order Online For Delivery

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If you’re wondering where to order birthday cake online, you’ve come to the right place. In the list below, you’ll find some of the best birthday cake delivery services.

Get delicious birthday cakes delivered right to your door. Or send a cake to be shipped nationwide to friends and family for to celebrate a special day with the best birthday surprise!

If you’re looking for gluten-free options, be sure to check out the 13 Best Gluten-Free Cakes For Delivery.

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How Can I Send A Delicious Birthday Cake?

Not much of a baker or don’t have the time? Don’t worry – the best gourmet cakes can be delivered by mail for a birthday, party, holiday or other special occasion.

In this article, we reveal the best birthday cake delivery services that are sure to serve up smiles and satisfaction in one pretty package. We all know the sweetest way to celebrate is with a special cake!

Best Cake Delivery Services

Birthday cake delivery services offer all the flavor and flair you could wish for, without the fuss of baking it yourself.

Just browse the list below of some of the best bakeries in the world and with a few clicks, you can send a delicious cake to yourself, friends or family. The cake shops in our list offer a wide variety of cakes with fast delivery that will match your party’s theme

  1. Best Variety Of Cake Flavors: Bake Me A Wish
  2. Best Classic Birthday Cake: Magnolia Bakery
  3. Best Naked Cake: Milk Bar
  4. Best Rainbow Cakes: David’s Cookies
  5. Best 2-Tier Cake For Delivery: Carlo’s Bakery
  6. Best Red Velvet Cake: Carousel Cakes
  7. Most Fun Birthday Cakes: Duff Goldman
  8. Most Unique Cakes: PieCaken Bakeshop
  9. Best Attention To Detail: We Take The Cake
  10. Best Cookie Cakes: Mrs. Fields
  11. Most Colorful Cakes: Baked In Color
  12. Best Chocolate Birthday Cake: Daisy Cakes

If you’re looking for gluten-free options, check out this list of gluten-free cakes and GF cookies.

BONUS! Best Birthday Treat Box: Sugarwish
With Sugarwish, you pick the type of box (cookies, candy, etc) and your recipient gets to select the exact treats they want to go in it. Use code MICKY7 for $7 off your order!


Our Pick: Bake Me A Wish

Claim To Fame

Gourmet birthday cakes and bakery gifts are delivered overnight, nationwide. Each mail order cake is delivered in an elegant gift box with a greeting card.

Image: Bake Me A Wish

About Bake Me A Wish Cakes
Bake Me A Wish doesn’t stop at traditional vanilla and chocolate birthday cake flavors. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a wide range of cakes and flavor options. 

Here are just a few that may strike your fancy: Tiramisu Classico, Salted Caramel, Tres Leches, Vesuvius (an Italian cake classic), Butterscotch Pudding, Limoncello, Boston Cream and Coconut Cream. Yum!

Bake Me A Wish Strawberry Funfetti Cake Slice

The confetti cake pictured above is my personal favorite cake. It features vanilla cake that is packed with rainbow sprinkles. Your taste buds (and sweet tooth) will thank you for picking this delicious treat. You can read more in my review here.

Also Available from Bake Me A Wish
Cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, brownies, pies, gift towers and baskets filled with treats


Our Pick: Magnolia Bakery

Claim to Fame
A World-Renowned Bakery Famous for Classic American Baked Goods and Desserts.  The company captivated a worldwide audience after being featured on the hit TV show Sex and the City.

Image: Magnolia Bakery

About Magnolia Bakery Cakes
The company is based in New York City and also has bakeries in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington, D.C., Dubai, Riyadh, Amman, Abu Dhabi, Manila and Doha. However, with nationwide shipping, you can order from their online cake shop and get your cake in the mail.

If you enjoy chocolate birthday cake, you’ll definitely want to check out the double chocolate and hazelnut chocolate. Both are perfect for chocolate lovers.

The confetti cake (shown above) is a gourmet layer cake perfect for a party. It’s a great option if you’re looking for a vanilla birthday cake with a little extra pizzazz.

Each comes with an optional inscription (such as Happy Birthday!) as well as the convenient option to add on candles or a Magnolia Bakery knife to complete your birthday celebration.

Also Available From Magnolia Bakery
Order world-famous banana pudding, the famous Carrie Cupcakes, brownies, cookies, seasonal sweet treats and more.

Best Naked Cake

Our Pick: Milk Bar

Claim To Fame
Milk Bar is best known for its playful and innovative approach to classic desserts, using unexpected flavors and textures to create treats that are both delicious and memorable.

One of Milk Bar’s most famous creations is its “Crack Pie,” a rich and buttery pie with a toasted oat crust that became an instant classic.

Milk Bar Birthday Cake
Image: Milk Bar

About Milk Bar
One of Milk Bar’s specialties is cakes, which are available in a variety of flavors and sizes, including gluten-free options. Milk Bar’s cakes are typically multi-layered and often include unique and unexpected ingredients.

The cakes are finished with a distinctive naked frosting style, which showcases the layers of cake and filling.

Milk Bar cakes are a favorite for special occasions, particularly the iconic Birthday Cake, a vanilla cake layered with frosting and rainbow sprinkles that has become a staple of celebrations.

Also Available from Milk Bar
In addition to its famous cakes, Milk Bar offers a variety of other baked goods and desserts. They are known for their unique and delicious cookies, which come in flavors like Compost (made with pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, and more), Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, and Confetti.

Another top seller at Milk Bar is their cake truffles in a variety of flavors, including B’Day that is made with Birthday Cake crumbs!

Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide To The Milk Bar Menu too.


Our Pick: David’s Cookies

Claim To Fame
David’s Cookies is best-known for cookies to order online for nationwide shipping.

But they offer lots more including cheesecakes, specialty desserts and delicious birthday cakes … all delivered nationwide.

Image: David’s Cookies

About David’s Cookies Cakes
You can’t go wrong with ordering a birthday cake from David’s. The quality of the cake is fantastic. The cakes are so fresh, moist and delicious, you’d never guess they were shipped to your doorstep. 

The Rainbow Cake is a real show-stopper. It looks like a vanilla layer cake until you cut the first slice and reveal the colorful red, orange, yellow, green and purple cake layers. Gorgeous!

And check out some of these other flavors: Mile High Peanut Butter Explosion, Chocolate Overload, Milky Caramel Galaxy, Premier Pumpkin Spice and Chocolate Chip Deep Dish Cookie Cake! 

Also Available from David’s Cookies
Order cookies, brownies, cookie dough, cheesecakes, tarts, gluten-free and sugar-free treats and much more.


Why not try a Cake Subscription! With this subscription, you’ll receive hand-selected cakes delivered each month from the nation’s best bakeries. –> LEARN MORE


Our Pick: Carlo’s Bakery

Claim to Fame
Carlo’s Bakery, as featured on TLC’s Cake Boss, is known for over-the-top designer cakes as well as decadent pastries and desserts.

Current owner and celebrity, Buddy Valastro, is a fourth-generation baker who connects with his Italian family history by creating gourmet cakes.

Image: Carlo’s Bakery

About Carlo’s Bakery Cakes
Safely shipping a cake across the country is hard enough. Can you imagine shipping a two-tier cake?

Well, Carlo’s can do it! Imagine the pleasant surprise when your special someone receives a tall two-tier cake for a super special birthday delivery! 

With a wide variety of scrumptious cakes, you’re sure to find the perfect birthday cake for an upcoming celebration from Carlo’s. Just a few noteworthy flavors include colorful Rainbow Cake, Chocolate Mousse Cake, Black & White Cake, Carrot Cake and Cookie & Cream. 

Can’t decide? They also offer a Best Sellers Cake Slice Sampler that comes with 8 different flavors to try. 

Also Available From Carlo’s
Order cakes online, plus other birthday treats black & white cookies, cannoli chips & dip, rainbow cookies, cupcakes and pastries. Cake delivery is via Goldbelly.


Claim to Fame
Home of Oprah’s Favorite Red Velvet Cake! Oprah also called their Blue Velvet Cake “stupid good” and raved about the filling in their mousse cakes.

Image: Carousel Cakes

About Carousel Cakes
You’ll have fun selecting a birthday cake here. If red velvet and mousse cakes aren’t your thing, there are plenty of other choices.

There are several options of chocolate cakes including a giggle cake that’s covered in sprinkles and filled with colorful buttercream. Wouldn’t that make a perfect cake gift for a special birthday boy or girl?!

Looking for something lighter? You may enjoy a Funnyfetti Cake (tons of sprinkles!), the Strawberry Crunch Parfait Cake, Baileys Cream Cake or Coconut Snowball Cake.

Also Available From Carousel Cakes
Cheesecakes, homestyle pies, cupcakes and seasonal/holiday dessert options. Online cake delivery is via Goldbelly.


Our Pick: Duff Goldman

Claim To Fame
Jaw-dropping cakes by celebrity and fun-loving baker Duff Goldman from the hit show “Ace of Cakes“.  His playful personality definitely shines through in his cake designs.

Image: Duff Goldman Cakes

About Duff Goldman Cakes
You won’t be able to order Duff’s dazzling custom cakes online (I mean, this guy is known for creating the world’s largest cupcake and cheesecake!) 

But you can still get a taste of his delicious creations with a selection of fun cakes available on Goldbelly.

Take a look at the classic birthday cake as well as the red and blue velvet cakes.

If you’re feeling creative, you may also want to check out the DIY cake kits which would be super fun for kids’ birthdays or other special occasions.

You can order cakes by mail for nationwide shipping with Goldbelly.


Our Pick: PieCaken Bakeshop

Claim To Fame
Home of the legendary PieCaken: a delicious pie and cake mashup

Image: PieCaken

About PieCaken Cakes
The PieCaken is a sight to behold. It is a crazy 4-in-1 layer dessert that you can order on Goldbelly. Can you imagine getting this in the mail?!

It includes Pecan Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Spice Cake, and Apple Pie all layered together with cinnamon buttercream. This is the perfect birthday cake for the dessert lover in your life.

Besides the original PieCaken mentioned above, there are also seasonal, limited-edition desserts.

For example, in December the Christmas PieCaken is offered. This 6-pound show-stopper layer dessert includes pecan pie, eggnog cheesecake, red velvet cake and cherry pie.

Check back on Goldbelly often to see the latest seasonal offerings for nationwide shipping and delivery.

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Our Pick: We Take The Cake

Claim To Fame
Fort Lauderdale’s most legendary custom-cake shop.

We Take The Cake is visited often by celebrities and luxury caterers. Their famous key lime bundt cake is one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. 

Image: We Take The Cake

About We Take The Cake
Quality and attention to detail are what sets this cake shop apart from the competition.

They use ingredients like whole buttermilk, fresh eggs and real butter – just like grandma used to make. Experienced bakers mix every batter and frosting by hand. 

This bakery knows that shipping a birthday cake is all about presentation. They go the extra mile with hand-decorated cakes and custom-designed packaging to make sure your birthday cake delivery is perfect.

They offer a variety of layer cakes as well as bundt cakes (full-size and mini) in classic flavors like vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry and raspberry.

Gluten-free cakes and vegan cakes are also available. 

Our Pick: Mrs. Fields

Claim To Fame
The iconic American company that offers gourmet cookie tins, baskets and gifts for shipping nationwide. 

Image: Mrs. Field’s

About Mrs. Fields’ Cakes
Not everyone is a cake fan. We can respect that! That’s why we included Mrs. Field’s Giant Cookie Cakes in our list.

Each giant chocolate chip cookie cake measures 12 inches in diameter. These colossal cookie cakes are moist, chewy and made with real butter, whole eggs, and pure vanilla.

For ease of ordering, there are a variety of pre-set Happy Birthday designs. However, you can also customize your message and frosting colors. 

Also Available from Mrs. Fields
Brownies, chocolate-covered berries, decorated rice krispie treats, coffee cakes, nut-free sweets and more are also available for delivery.


Our Pick: Baked in Color

Claim To Fame
The original rainbow chocolate chip cookie and the “Happiest Cookies on Earth”

Credit: Baked in Color

About Baked In Color Cookie Cakes
As their name suggests, COLOR is the name of the game at this fun bakery.

Made with super colorful dough, these huge rainbow cookie cakes are rolled and twisted to create a unique sweet treat. No two cookie cakes are the same!

In addition to the classic Rainbow Chocolate Chip, other flavors include Brownie Oreo, Funfetti Cookie and Cookies N’ Cream. There is even an option to choose your own colors. 

Also Available from Baked In Color
Choose Your Own Color Cookie Gift Tins, College Colors Cookie Gifts, Giant Rainbow Oreo Brownies and Seasonal Treats


Our Pick: Daisy Cakes

Claim To Fame:
Cakes so good that they got a deal on Shark Tank!

The company is based in South Caroline. Their hand-crafted cakes are rich with southern family tradition and use recipes handed down through the generations.

Daisy Cakes Best Chocolate Birthday Cake Delivered

About Daisy Cakes
Head’s up to the chocolate lovers! Daisy’s classic chocolate cake has four layers of rich chocolate cake.

Each layer has a semi-sweet chocolate ganache that is delicately spread by hand. The entire cake is finished with a thick coating of fudge icing. Add a scoop of ice cream for the ultimate birthday treat!

Also Available
A wide array of classic cake flavors plus “minikins” which are cakes in a jar. Birthday cake delivery is offered via Goldbelly.

Q. Why Should I Use A Birthday Cake Delivery Service?

One big reason to try an online cake store is simply that you’ll have access to the very best cakes from across the United States. Ordering online and using a delivery service is the best way to try all the delicious treats bakeries around the country have to offer.

Q. What is the best cake shop That Offers Cake To order online?

Each of the bakeries in this list was carefully chosen and made the cut as the best online cake shops. In the list, you’ll find a perfect gift to ship to a loved one or to order for your next party. If you’re still undecided, you may also want to consider some companies that ship the best birthday cupcakes.

Q. Can I Order Cake Online For Other Occasions?

A. Absolutely! The bakeries on our list make fantastic birthday cakes for sure. But the best part is they also offer cakes for other occasions. You’ll find cake options for everything from 1st birthdays to 60th birthdays, baby showers wedding cakes and holidays like
Valentine’s day too.

We hope this article has answered your questions about where to order the best birthday cake online!

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