Big News: Crumbl Now Offering Mini Cookies On “Mini Mondays”

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Crumbl Cookies has just dropped a bombshell that’s got dessert lovers everywhere buzzing with excitement!

On April 19, the cookie giant announced its latest stroke of genius: “Mini Mondays.” Yep, you heard that right. Now you can get your hands on bite-sized versions of Crumbl’s legendary cookies, fulfilling a long-standing dream for fans who’ve been pleading for pint-sized treats.

Starting April 22, every Monday is going to feel like a mini celebration as customers can indulge in the cookie chain’s ever-changing lineup in mini version. But fear not, if you’re still craving the OG size, the regular cookies will still be up for grabs as well.

Crumbl Mini Monday Cookies

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FAQs Asked And Answered On Crumbl IG

Q. Are these new cookies regular-size or mini-size?
A. Mini-sized.

Q. Can you mix and match?
A. You can mix up and pick the flavors but can’t mix with Minis and large options.

Q. Are Minis available at every location? I heard they were only for catering.
A. This is at every location but only on Mondays!

Q. Crumbl already has mini cookies, so what are these?
A. The Minis were only available for catering before but now they will be available every Monday in-store!

Q. Will all the week’s flavors be available as minis?
A. Whatever cookies are available that week you will be able to purchase in Minis on Mondays.

Q. Can I just get one Mini?
A. They are available in a 3-Pack Box, 6-Pack Box, or 12-Pack Box.

Q. How much are the Minis?
A. Prices vary by location.

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