25 Best Steaks You Can Order Online

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Did you know that some of the best steaks in the whole country can be ordered online and delivered right to your door?

From gourmet Waygu and Kobe beef to prime cuts from Texas Roadhouse, there really is something out there for every steak lover.

And since everyone has different tastes, we’ve added some categories that should help make it easier to find the perfect cut of beef. We’ve included some great gift and subscription box options as well.

So get your grill fired up and start exploring the best of the best steaks to order online.

Best Steaks To Order Online Feature

Best steaks to order online in 2022

Here are our picks for the best steaks (and other gourmet meats) that you can shop for and order online for delivery.

Best Selection: Porter Road
Best Chicago Steak: Chicago Steak Company
Best Steak Subscription Boxes: ButcherBox

Best Gold Grade Wagyu Steak: Snake River Farms
Best Wagyu Subscription Boxes: Vermont Wagyu
Most Well Known Brand: Omaha Steaks
Favorite Hometown Steakhouse: Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop
Best Kobe Beef: Holy Grail Steak Co
Best Steak For Any Budget: FarmFoods
Best Prime Steak Gift Boxes: Churchill’s Steakhouse
Best International Steak: Chef Francis Mallmann from “Cooking With Fire”
Best Family-Owned Farms: Niman Ranch
Best New York City Steaks: Peter Luger Steak House

Best “F@ucking Delicious” Steaks: Saltbrick Prime

Keep reading below to get more details on each of these top meat delivery companies and why we selected them as the best of the best!

1. Porter Road

Best Selection Of Steaks

Pasture-raised, dry-aged meat delivered to your door. À la carte or subscription. No antibiotics, hormones, or additives.

After years of serving their local Nashville community, Porter Road now offers meat delivery nationwide. They offer a huge variety of steaks – bone-in ribeye, Denver steak, filet mignon, merlot steak, NY strip, tenderized steak, hanger steak, blade steak, chuck eye, steak tips, Sierra steak. This list goes on and on.

They also offer curated boxes with an assortment of their best-selling meats. If you’d like your meats delivered on a regular basis, then you’ll like their butcher’s choice subscription boxes. They have free shipping, flexible options and no commitment.

Also available from Porter Road are other mouth-watering meats including chicken, pork, sausage and beef sticks.

2. Chicago Steak Company

Best Chicago Steaks

No Additives, No Injections, Only Real Hand Cut All American Steaks by Artisan Butchers.

Chicago Steak Company is another famous steak company. They have one focus: delivering the world’s finest beef.

They hand trim and age their steaks using centuries-old techniques used by Chicago butchers dating back to 1865. Select from top-quality filet mignon, strip steaks, ribeye, sirloin, t-bones and more.

3. ButcherBox

Best Steak Subscription Boxes

Meat Subscription Boxes Delivered To Your Door With FREE SHIPPING

ButcherBox specializes in high-quality meat subscription boxes. If you’re looking for a great assortment, you can choose a curated box that is filled with popular cuts of meat. Or if you want something specific you can also customize your own box.

Their boxes are packed with 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood.

And don’t worry, with a monthly subscription you can skip a month or pause your subscription if you need. If you’d like you can even change the frequency of how often you receive a box.

Best Steaks To Order Online For Delivery

4. Snake River Farms

Best Gold Grade Wagyu Steaks

Pioneers in American Wagyu Beef

For Snake River Farms, Wagyu steak is more than a meal, it’s an experience.

They sell a wide range of favorite cuts including New York strip, ribeye and porterhouse. You’ll also find delicious selections like the huge Tomahawk ribeye and the Delmonico.

You’ll also want to check out Snake River Farms Gold Grade steaks. Gold Grade is the highest American Wagyu grade. It blends the traditional beef flavor that Americans enjoy plus the buttery essence of Japanese Wagyu.

5. Vermont Wagyu

Best Wagyu Subscription Boxes

100% Full-Blood Wagyu Beef certified by the American Wagyu Association.

Vermont Wagyu operates with the belief that healthy cows = happy cows = better marbling. Their cattle are pasture-raised in Vermont without antibiotics or hormones.

With everything from a classic ribeye to an impressive Tomahawk steak, Vermont Wagyu has a huge range of options. They also offer meat bundles with fun names like “Dad’s Dream” and “King of the Grill”.

Their subscription box offering is filled with a rotating selection of Wagyu, plus seasonal products from their favorite local producers.

6. Omaha Steaks

Most Well-Known Brand

America’s Original Butcher Since 1917

Omaha Steaks is a well know steak company for good reason. They sell a wide variety of steaks as well as other meats like chicken, pork and gourmet burgers.

The beef cuts in their Private Reserve collection of filets, sirloin, ribeyes and NY strip are aged at least 28 days, hand-cut and hand-trimmed.

Plus they offer a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee. We don’t think you’ll need it, but nice to know the option is there.

Best Steaks To Buy Online

7. Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop

Best Hometown Favorite Steakhouse

USDA Choice steaks, hand-cut and aged to perfection

If you’re a fan of Texas Roadhouse, we’ve got great news. Now you can order their legendary steaks and have them shipped right to your home.

Choose from favorites like filet, NY strip and ribeye. They also offer their famous filet medallions and filet tips. And of course, don’t forget the Texas Roadhouse steak seasoning!

8. Holy Grail Steak Co

Best Kobe Beef

The only online retailer of Authentic Kobe

Holy Grail Steak Co. believes in delivering only the very best. This is evident in the fact that they work exclusively with best-in-class producer partners who live by the Golden Rule of Cow: a steak only tastes as good as it was raised.

Kobe Beef is considered by many to be the most sought-after beef in the world. Lucky for you, you can order it online and have it shipped right to you.

Best Mail Order Steaks For Delivery

9. FarmFoods

Best Steak For Any Budget

Committed to offering affordable beef choices without sacrificing on quality.

You won’t find fancy marketing or packaging here. FarmFoods sticks to the basics to provide you with a huge selection of meats including their delicious grass-fed steaks.

With their easy-to-use website, you can quickly filter through the options to find the perfect steak or other meat for your budget.

In addition to steaks and other beef products, you can select from heritage pork, wild-caught seafood, chicken, poultry, pastured lamb, game and even cheeses.

10. Churchill’s Steakhouse

Best Prime Steak Gift Boxes

Prime Steak Gift Boxes From Spokane’s Top Steakhouse

These are some of the classiest steak gift boxes you’ll find. Your choice of ribeye, New York strip steak and filet mignon come in a luxurious black gift box.

These steaks are truly top of the line. They come from the top 2% of beef cattle in the country. It is the same aged USDA prime beef that they serve at the renowned Churchill’s Steakhouse.

The box also includes signature steak seasoning, herbed steak finishing butter, meat thermometer and cooking guide.

11. Chef Francis Mallmann

Best International Steak

Get an Argentinian steak dinner from the legendary “Cooking With Fire” chef

Chef Francis Mallmann is South America’s most famous celebrity chef. He is famous for slow-cooking meats over a raging fire.

This master chef has put together a fantastic steak dinner kit to get the taste of Argentina in your home. The kit includes dry-aged boneless ribeyes, plus herb chimichurri, salsa criolla and buttery sliced Domino potatoes.

12. Niman Ranch

Best Family-Owned Farms

Steaks from Independent Family Ranchers Delivered To Your Door

In the early 1970’s the family-owned cattle ranch called Niman Ranch was founded in Bolinas, California. Their humane methods and wholesome all-natural feeds are the same that they use today.

In fact, they have a network of more than 740 family farmers and ranchers across the US. They all share the same commitment to producing the best meats in the world in a humane and sustainable way.

Shop a selection of classic prime steaks like ribeyes and New York strips. Plus explore other options like pulled pork, ribs and bacon.

Best Steaks To Order Online For Delivery

13. Peter Luger Steak House

Best New York City Steaks

Voted Best Steakhouse by Zagat for 28 years in a row!

Get Porterhouse steaks shipped to you from New York’s most legendary steakhouse, the Peter Luger Steak House.

Your order will come with signature Peter Luger steak sauce and a reusable cooler. For a real treat, you can even add on a few pieces of their epic extra thick cut bacon.

14. Saltbrick Prime

Best “F@ucking Delicious” Steaks

Hand Picked, Chef Approved, F@cking Delicious

In case you’re wondering where the name comes from, Saltbrick Prime holds a U.S. patent for a unique method of dry-aging beef in a room lined with Himalayan salt bricks. They also offer USA Prime wet-aged steaks as well.

Shop on Goldbelly for a specially curated selection of fresh cuts that can be shipped to your house.

That wraps up our top suggestions for ordering steaks online. However, if nothing caught your eye, here are even more popular options you might want to consider.

Meat N’ Bone: Over 300 cuts of meat to choose from. This is the same steak that you’ll find in the best steakhouses and is usually only available to restaurants and chefs.

Fossil Farms: Fossil Farms specializes in providing the highest quality farm-raised game and all-natural meats in the country. Exotic meats like wild boar, yak, alligator and ostrich.

Boxed Halal: Boxed Halal offers Zabihah Halal meat directly to your doorstep.

Harry & David: Harry & David is a premium online butcher with tender cuts of meat from Stock Yards.

Chopbox: Chopbox offers high-quality meat and seafood, always fresh, never frozen.

Flannery Beef: Flannery Beef offers the best cuts of dry-aged USDA Prime available.

Rastelli’s: Rastelli’s offers responsibly sourced premium meats including Black Angus beef.

D’Artagnan: D’Artagnan is the exclusive U.S. purveyor of this 100% grass-fed beef from Australia.

Crowd Cow: Crowd Cow offers grass-fed, free-range meat from independent farmers with ethical and environmentally friendly methods.

Allen Brothers: Founded in 1893 in Chicago’s famed Union Stockyards meat market, Allen Brothers still delivers high-quality online prime steaks, beef & other meats such as veal, lamb, pork and seafood.

Top Steaks To Buy For Delivery

Faqs About Ordering Steak online

Q. Are online steaks worth it?

A. Buying steak online can be expensive. In most cases, you do get what you pay for.

In addition to having access to the best meat in the country, you also need to factor in the cost and convenience to have it shipped to your door.

Monthly steak and meat subscriptions also offer the convenience of not having to head to the butcher shop or grocery store.

Q. Why do people buy mail order steaks?

A. People buy steak online for a variety of reasons. One of the main reasons is the massive variety of options available.

Whether you’re looking for humanely raised meat with no added hormones, USDA prime meat from iconic steak houses around the country or a mixed box of premium proteins, you’ll quickly find what you need with an online steak company.

Q. Why are mail order steaks so expensive?

A. Ordering from a meat delivery service online can be expensive. When ordering from a steak company online, you’ll usually get to select from a gourmet selection of beef. So one of the main reasons you may pay more is because of the high quality of the meat.

The prime cuts also need to be shipped carefully to preserve freshness as the order makes its way across the country. For this reason, your local family-owned butcher shop may be less expensive.

However, some meat delivery services like FarmFoods focuses on providing high-quality meat at an affordable price.

Q. Is it safe to buy meat online?

A. Yes, it is safe to buy beef online. It’s also perfectly safe to order other meats from online shops like chicken, burgers, pork chops – even bacon-wrapped scallops or foie gras!

The main thing to ensure food safety is that the meat arrives frozen or refrigerated. You also need to promptly move the meat to your refrigerator or freezer.

If for some reason, your shipment arrives and is no longer properly chilled, contact the meat delivery company to determine your best options.

We hope this comprehensive list of meat delivery services has helped you narrow down your options for the best steaks to order online!

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