13 Best Gourmet Brownies For Online Ordering and Delivery

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We polled our readers and rounded up the best gourmet brownies to order online for delivery right to your home. These brownies come in a ton of classic and creative flavors. Boxes of gourmet brownies (and blondies too) make excellent gifts as well.

We sampled many, many, many treats in search of the best brownies in the country that can be shipped to your door. We came up with some pretty fantastic options for brownie lovers to choose from.

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Here’s a quick list of our top 5 favorite brownie companies.
1. Best Overall: West Coast Confection
2. Best Corporate Mission: Feed Your Soul
3. Best Brownies Gift Box: David’s Cookies
4. Best Gourmet Brownies: Killer Brownies
5. Best Bite-Size Brownies: Brownie Points
Keep on reading below for our full list of best the best brownies you can buy online.

The Best Brownies To Buy Online For Delivery

Whether you’re looking for a classy gourmet brownie, massive over-the-top 1-pound brownies, individually wrapped treats for work or just a classic dozen brownies in a gift box, all of the desserts on this list will be a big hit.

1. Best Overall

Our Pick: West Coast Confection

Indulgent, Gourmet, MASSIVE Brownies, Blondies, and Cookies

West Coast Confection Brownies

West Coast Confection has personality! The company is owned by Chris Greene and Tanya Weaver, a couple of West Coast locals. Their goodies are “made with love, humor, hip-hop and high standards. We out here dream chasin’, master bakin’, and puttin’ the hug in thug.”

Their treats have a super thick, rich fudgy brownie or buttery blondie base. They are layered, stuffed and topped with goodies like marshmallows, cookies, pretzels, caramel, peanut butter cups, chocolate chips, sprinkles, and more.

West Coast Confection Peanut Butter Brownie

Custom Brownie Options

Another cool thing is that you can order a totally custom brownie. The sky is pretty much the limit. If you need inspiration, you can browse the website for some of the custom brownie creations that other customers have come up with.

While they do not have specialty items on the regular menu, they can make vegan, gluten-free, protein-packed, dairy-free, and nut-free products upon request.

West Coast Confection Ordering Information

You can order brownies, blondies and cookies online for shipping at the West Coast Confection website

I HIGHLY recommend you give these a try. And don’t just take our word for it. Over 2,000 people loved our video of these brownies on Instagram!

2. Best Corporate Mission

Our Pick: Feed Your Soul

Individually wrapped brownies and bars (and cookies) crafted with simple ingredients and a mission to give back.

Feed Your Soul Blondie Brownie Bar

When you buy sweet treats from Feed Your Soul, you’re also supporting a sweet mission. Each purchase helps feed those in need at the Coalition For the Homeless in NYC.

“I decided to create a business that would serve as a vehicle to give back. I chose cookies because they make people happy … they’re a timeless treat and they’re so easy to share.”

Mya Zoracki, founder
Feed Your Soul Bakery Box of Cookies

Brownie, Blondie and Bar Flavors

Feed Your Soul bars have fun flavors with creative names like Unfudginbelievable (classic fudgy brownie), One Toff’ Blondies (toffee blondies with toffee) and Plant One On Me Vegan Brownies.

Boxes of assorted individually wrapped brownies, blondies and cookies are also available. These boxes would be great for holiday gifts or corporate gifts too.

3. Best Brownie Gift Box

Our Pick: David’s Cookies

The Famous Red Tin of Cookies (and Brownies!)

David's Cookies Brownie Assortment
Samples from David’s Cookies

David’s Cookies is best known for its delicious cookies, but they also offer a variety of other mail-order brownies and other baked goods.

The company started in Manhattan in 1979 with retail stores, but transitioned to a mail-order company in 1987. Over the years they expanded their product line to include more goodies including a new focus on gluten-free and better-for-you options. 

4. Best Gourmet Brownies

Our Pick: Killer Brownies 

#1 Selling Gourmet Brownie in the Nation!

The Killer Brownie Company

These triple-layer, 1/3-pound brownies come in over-the-top flavors and are the ultimate treat! 

Seriously, you just need to go read the descriptions to get a full sense of how epic the different flavors really are. Lots of words like “oozing caramel” and “chocolately fudge” and “oodles of colorful sprinkles”.

Ooey. Gooey. Chewy. Sweet. Big. Rich. If you’re looking for decadence and visual appeal, you’re in the right place. I dare you to eat a whole brownie in one sitting. I cut off little slices at a time and enjoyed these for days! 

Your order comes in a classy tin with the Killer Brownie logo. You’ll receive individually wrapped brownies for freshness.

The Killer Brownie Company

Orders can be placed online on the Killer Brownie website or for brownie delivery go to Goldbelly for nationwide shipping.

5. Best Bite-Size Brownies

Our Pick: Brownie Points

Home of the Famous Kitchen Sink Brownie

Brownie Points Brownies

At the time of writing this article, the Brownie Points website showed more than 40 different brownie flavor options…and we tried 25 of them! The brownies are small – just enough for 2-3 bites – the perfect size for sampling.

Each flavor we tried really blew us away. You can tell right away the brownies are made with high-quality, fresh ingredients. You can also tell each recipe was thoroughly tested because the flavors are spot on. 

Each order comes with individually wrapped brownies for freshness. The brownies come thoughtfully packaged in a sturdy, gourmet gift box. You can also select from a variety of colored ribbons. Brownie Points definitely make excellent gifts. 

Brownie Points Gourmet Packaging
Image courtesy of Brownie Points

These delicious treats are available to order online on the Brownie Points website or for brownie delivery, go to the Goldbelly website for nationwide shipping.

NEW! Wicked Good Cupcakes is best known for its unique cake-in-a-jar treats, but they also just started offering mini brownies!

6. Best Classic Flavors

Our Pick: Fat Molly’s Brownies

San Diego’s Favorite Brownie

Fat Molly's 5 Chocolate Brownies
Image: Fat Molly’s

Fat Molly’s vision is “a world where brownies look alluring, are moist, rich and taste like an affair with chocolate.” 

No need to get fancy when you use the very best ingredients like Dutch Process Ghiradelli chocolate. Fat Molly’s sticks to just three brownie flavors which are Five Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Pecan Caramel. 

Their mail-order brownies can be purchased for nationwide shipping on Goldbelly.

7. Most Colorful Brownies

Our Pick: Baked In Color

Best known for their bright, colorful rainbow chocolate chip cookies, Baked In Color also serves up some amazing colorful brownies and brookies.

Baked In Color Rainbow Brownie With Oreo
Image credit: Baked In Color

You can order individual brownies or huge brownie/cookie “brookie” cakes.

  • Giant Oreo Stuffed Brownies (thick layers of brownie, Oreo, and rainbow chocolate chip cookies)
  • Giant Stuffed Rainbow Brookie Cakes (9″ layer of rich, fudgy brownie followed by a layer of Oreo cookies, and finished with a thick rainbow chocolate chip cookie cake on top)
Baked In Color Custom Rainbow Cookie Cake
Image Credit: Baked In Color

Order online for brownie delivery on the Goldbelly website nationwide shipping.


Check out the full selection of brownies available for nationwide delivery on Goldbelly. So many delicious options! Learn more.

8. Best Variety Of Sizes

Our Pick: Fairytale Brownies

12 Fudgy Flavors in 3 Sizes

FairyTale Brownie Sizes
Image: FairyTale Brownies

Fairytale Brownies serves up gourmet brownies using only the best all-natural ingredients like Callebut Belgian dark chocolate, creamery butter and fresh eggs. You won’t find any trans fats, preservatives or artificial colors in their products. 

The brownies come in 3 different sizes: full-size (about a 3″ x 3″ square), snack-size sprites and bite-size morsels (1.5″ x 1.5″). 

Fairytale Gourmet Brownies

In addition to brownies, the company also offers cookies, bars, sugar-free treats, gift packages including custom photo designs and corporate gifts.

Fairytale Brownies are available to order on Amazon.

9. Most Fun Brownies

Our Pick: Zola Bakes

Instagram-worthy treats with neon colors, dripping chocolate, and glitter

Zola Bakes Rainbow Cookie Brownie
Source: Goldbelly

Zola Bakes came out with their classic rainbow cookie in 2017. With the super fun colors, glitter and chocolate drips, it’s no wonder it became an instant Instagram star.

Their rainbow cookie brownies are just as fun. These fudgy brownies are stuffed with strips of their famous rainbow cookies in flavors like raspberry, apricot and hazelnut.

10. Best Brownie Cake

Our Pick: Bake Me A Wish

Decadent, gourmet brownie cakes that come in an elegant gift box with a greeting card.

Bake Me A Wish Brownie Cake For Delivery
Source: Bake Me A Wish

Bake Me A Wish serves up amazing brownie cakes, cheesecakes and gift boxes. You can personalize your dessert for birthdays, anniversaries, congratulations and many other options.

They also offer tons of amazing birthday cake options for delivery nationwide. Plus they guarantee on-time arrival.

11. Best Brownie In Jar

Our Pick: Jars By Dani

Jars stuffed to the brim with layers of cake, brownies, frosting, cream, sprinkles and more.

Jars By Dani Fudge Brownie For Delivery
Source: Goldbelly

The Fudge Brownie Jars from Jars By Dani is everything you love in a brownie sundae but layered into a jar: chocolate mousse, fudge brownie, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and sprinkles.

They also offer a gluten-free version and tons of other yummy flavors like cookies and cream, cake batter, lemon and cookie dough.

12. Best Edible Brownie Dough

Our Pick: Dough P

Dough P was featured on Shark Tank and makes edible and bakeable cookie dough in creative and delicious flavors.

Dough P Beast Mode Edible Brownie Dough
Source: Dough P

If you love brownie dough, you’ve gotta try the Beast Mode Brownie dough! It’s edible brownie dough packed with yummy chocolate chips.

13. Best Branding

Our Pick: Fat Witch Bakery

New York’s Legendary Brownie With A Memorable Logo

Fat Witch Gourmet Brownies - New York City

Known for its fun name and logo, Fat Witch Bakery has been featured in the New York Times, People Magazine, Today Show, Food Network and even on Oprah’s “O” list.

The Fat Witch branding is really well done. The logo is really fun and cute. The packaging is striking, high-quality and practical. If you send these as a gift, I guarantee the recipient will have a huge smile on their face when they open up the package!

Orders can be placed online on the Fat Witch Bakery website.

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Best Gourmet Brownies To Order Online For Delivery

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