25+ Ferociously Cute Baby Shark Cake Ideas For Boys and Girls

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If your little one’s birthday is coming up, or you’re a cake decorator looking for some super cute Baby Shark inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

Every party is made extra special with an amazing cake, so we’ve put together some of the best Baby Shark cake ideas for boys and girls to make your party planning a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a simple one-layer cake or an over-the-top creation, we’ve got you covered.

Baby Shark Cake Ideas Feature

Where Can I Find Baby Shark Cakes Near Me?

If your plan is to buy a Baby Shark cake, one option is to check a local grocery store or chain stores with bakeries such as Walmart, Meijer or Target. Another great option is to check with local bakeries or cake decorators in your area.

Local grocery stores and big box stores usually have large selections of licensed cake designs. Plus you can usually get a cake on short notice at a relatively low cost in comparison to other options. However, you will have a limited selection of design options and the overall quality is typically lower.

If your budget allows, opt for using a small local bakery or cake design. Prices are typically higher with a small business and you may need to give them extra notice to complete your order. However, the pros are that you’ll get more creativity, personality, customization and best of all, you’re supporting someone’s dreams!

Wherever you decide to purchase your cake, be sure to provide them with Baby Shark cake ideas that you like to help ensure you get a cake that you love. The list of cake designs below should help with that!

How Much Does A Baby Shark Cake Cost?

A Baby Shark cake can cost anywhere from $20-$200+ dollars. The price of a cake depends on several factors, but here are some of the most common things to consider:

  • Where You Buy Your Cake 
    • Making your own cake will be your least expensive option. We’ve provided some tips on that below.
    • A grocery store or chain store like Walmart will often be your most affordable option if you’re ordering the cake.
    • And finally, a privately owned bakery or custom cake studio will be more pricey, but you do get what you pay for in most cases!
  • Baby Shark Design 
    • When buying a cake, it’s important to keep in mind that the price reflects much more than just the cost of ingredients. Even simple cakes take a lot of time and skill to make.
    • A one-layer sheet cake or two-tier round cake with a simple design like an edible image is going to be your most affordable option.
    • Many bakeries will offer a variety of standard designs to choose from that help keep the pricing lower.
    • If you like the custom designs, fondant or sugar work that you see in some of the cakes below, those extra details will cost much more.
  • Cake Size
    • One-layer sheet cakes (the 1/4 sheet cake is common) and 8″ or 9″ round layer cakes are popular choices for kids’ parties. These standard cake sizes are usually most affordable.
    • Big cakes with multiple layers, tiers, fillings, flavors and other custom details will cost quite a bit more.

How Do You Make A Baby Shark Cake

If you’re up for the challenge, making a Baby Shark cake can be a fun and rewarding experience. Your kids may even want to join you in the cake decorating fun which would make the occasion even more memorable.

Here’s a quick list of some things to consider when making your own Baby Shark cake:

  • Pick a design: If this is your first time decorating a cake, be sure to pick a simple, easy cake design. There are several DIY cake ideas in the list below.
  • Cake: There is no shame in using a cake mix. They are quick, easy, affordable and taste good too! If you would rather make a homemade cake, this old-fashioned chocolate cake is a good recipe to start with. Also, make sure you don’t run out of cake by picking a cake size that will serve all your guests.
  • Frosting: Homemade buttercream and storebought frosting are options. If you choose store-bought frosting from a can, there are plenty of ways to make it taste more like homemade.
  • Filling: The sky is the limit when it comes to fun fillings you can add between your cake layers.
  • Cake Toppers: Etsy and Amazon are great places to find Baby Shark cake toppers, decorations and cutouts. You can also find edible images.
  • Edible Images: You may also want to try out a Baby Shark edible image. These thin edible sheets are placed right on your cake and the then image then dissolves right into the frosting. They are a great option for beginners.
Baby Shark Cake Ideas For Boys and Girls Pin

Baby Shark Cake Ideas For Boys and Girls

Have fun browsing the list below as you search for inspiration for your next Baby Shark Cake!

Baby Shark Cake With Fondant

This stunning Baby Shark-themed cake was made for a 2nd birthday party celebration. The cake featured a chocolate ganache frosting covered in fondant and fondant Baby Shark figurines.

Cake from Cakes By N K

Two Layer Baby Shark For Girls

This pretty in pink Baby Shark cake is a dream come true! The design features buttercream swirls, edible Baby Shark decorations and edible sand.

Cake from Sugar Buzz Cakes & More

Baby Shark Cake For Boy

This cake features three colorful Baby Sharks along with a glitter number and some cute little bubbles.

Cake from SimplySweet

Baby Shark For Girl With Topper Shark Bite

Looks like Baby Shark took a chomp out of the number topper on this cake that prominently features the birthday girl’s name!

Cake from Jaxie Cakes

Tall Baby Shark Cake

This fun and festive cake is tall enough to fit 3 Baby Sharks all the way up the side.

Cake from Jaxie Cakes

Simple Baby Shark Smash Cake For 1st Birthday

If you’re looking for an easy Baby Shark cake to make at home, this is it! Grab a few colors of icing and your star piping tip and have fun with this simple cake design.

Cake from Bonnie Knapp

Baby Shark Cake With Toy Decorations

An easy way to decorate your cake is with plastic Baby Shark toys that can be purchased in stores or online.

Cake from Melissa C’s Sweet Treats

Pink Baby Shark 2nd Birthday Cake For Girl

This adorable little baby shark cake was a 2nd birthday cake for a little girl. The inside of the cake is red velvet, with vanilla buttercream, handmade chocolate shells and seahorses and pink champagne sprinkles.

Cake from Em’s Cakes

Baby Shark Cupcakes

These cute little cupcakes are covered in vanilla buttercream, then topped with colorful fondant toppers.

Cake from Cakes By N K

Baby Shark Cupcake Cake

A cupcake cake not only makes an adorable dessert, but also makes it super easy for all your party guests to grab their own dessert.

Cake from Jaxie Cakes

Baby Shark Cake

This colorful cake is sweet and simple.  Bright buttercream coral creeps up the side of this cake, while little Baby Shark figures play in the waves on top!

Cake from Cake Me Away

Baby Shark Cake With Glitter Topper

This cake features larger-than-life Baby Sharks along with a large shimmery, glitter topper to celebrate a 2nd birthday celebration.

Cake by Bakery E’s Custom Cakes

Simple Baby Shark

This simple, but eye-catching design is a perfect cake to celebrate a kid’s birthday. The bright blue colors and whimsical swirl border capture the essence of the ocean.

Cake From Sweet Treats By Rachel Jones

Elaborate Baby Shark Cake

Look at the attention to detail on this showstopping Baby Shark cake. The pink ruffles, glittery accents and custom swirled topper really bring this cake to life.

Cake by The Austin Cakery

Small Baby Shark Cake

Big buttercream swirls, bright bold colors and smiling Baby Sharks give big personality to this cute little birthday cake.

Cake from Sweetly Home Baked

Pastel Baby Shark Cake For Boys First Birthday

This pretty cake features shades of pastel blue with delicate ocean details.

Cake from Honey Crumb Cake Studio

Baby Shark Smash Cakes

Why stop at one Baby Shark when you can have three!?  Perfect for smashing!

Cake by Cupcakes By Jenn

1st Birthday Baby Shark Cake

Those little orange fish are such a clever idea to add some extra cuteness and color to this Baby Shark cake that looks (almost) too good to eat!

Cake by M Cake Creations

Simple Baby Shark Cake

The simple, but adorable fondant details on this cake make it a winning design Just check out the eyes and teeth on that cutely ferocious shark!

Cake by Pastelieria D.C.

DIY Baby Shark Cake Topper

Create your own Baby Shark cake with these easy instructions and templates.

Cake Topper Templates from Wholesale Party Supplies

One Layer Baby Shark Cake

So many fun friends from under the sea are included on this Baby Shark-inspired birthday cake that’s perfect for a little boy or girl.

Cake by Sumptuous Treats By Anna Yiu

Baby Shark may be a simple children’s song, but it’s also become a global phenomenon and a perfect party theme. We hope you found some inspiration in this list of adorable Baby Shark ideas for boys and girls. Whatever you choose, your little shark fan is sure to be thrilled with a Baby Shark Cake!

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