Air Fryer Won’t Turn On? Try These Tips!

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If you’re an air fryer owner, then you know that these nifty little appliances can make some pretty amazing food. Air fryers are so popular because they are a healthier alternative to deep-frying, but still cook up really delicious food.

But what do you do if your air fryer won’t turn on or stops working? While it’s certainly not the end of the world, it can be a bit of a nuisance. Fortunately, there are a few things you can try to get your air fryer up and running again.

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Our top 5 tips to try if your air fryer stops working:
1. Consult the user manual for troubleshooting recommendations.
2. Check to make sure the air fryer is plugged in and that the outlet is working.
3. Check that the cable and fuses are functional.
4. Be sure the basket is securely in place and the door is completely closed.
5. Ensure a program has been selected.

Keep reading below for more detailed information on the most common problems with air fryers, possible causes and most importantly, how to get your air fryer working again!

What To Do If Your Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

1. Check The Instruction Manual

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first or fiftieth time using an air fryer, if you’re having trouble turning it on and can’t figure out how to fix it, the first thing to do is reach for the user manual.

There are so many different air fryer models, so for the best results when troubleshooting, checking the manual is the best way to review for common issues.

Read through the usage directions, and safety and care instructions to rule out the possibility of any improper usage or accidental damage. You can also find the manufacturer’s contact information there.

2. Make Sure The Air Fryer Is Plugged In

This probably sounds like a no-brainer, but as simple a solution as it is, you would be surprised by the number of people who forget to plug in or turn on their air fryer.

It’s also possible that the air fryer cord isn’t plugged firmly into the power socket so make sure to double-check. The good news is that both of these issues are easy fixes.

3. Make Sure The Power Source Is Working

Another reason why your air fryer won’t turn on could be that the power outlet you have plugged it in is faulty. You can check it by plugging in another appliance to the same wall socket and seeing if it works.

Alternatively, you could also try connecting your air fryer to a different socket. If you discover the outlet is malfunctioning, as a safety precaution be sure to contact an electrician to repair it for you.

4. Check The Cable For Damage

Another simple thing to check is the cable of your air fryer for any signs of physical damage. This could look like a torn or melted outer covering, damaged head or loose pins.

Cables on electrical appliances have to withstand a lot of wear and tear so they can get damaged easily, especially if they get caught in a cabinet door, bent while storing the air fryer or exposed to a very high temperature.

If your air fryer is new, it’s also possible you have a faulty power cable. If you suspect this is the case, it’s a good idea to contact the manufacturer.

For safety reasons and to avoid the risk of electric shock, be sure to thoroughly investigate these issues and repair or replace any faulty components.

5. Check For A Blown Fuse

Even if your cable appears undamaged from the outside, it is possible that the fuse is blown. The fuse is there as a safety measure to disconnect from the heating element in case of a malfunction like a power surge that could potentially cause a fire.

If a blown fuse is what caused the air fryer to stop, you will need to replace the fuse to get it working again. Contact a professional repair shop for this if you don’t have the necessary expertise.

Replacing the fuse also depends on the model you have. Many air fryers come with a built-in thermal fuse and can be changed easily. Check your instruction manual for more information on your specific model.

6. Be Sure The Basket Is In Place And The Door Is Closed

Air fryers and most other kitchen appliances with baskets (like toaster ovens and deep fryers) have special latches or hooks that fit into place once you fix them on the body. This anchors the basket and ensures safety by preventing any accidents from happening.

However, this also means that your air fryer will not start until the frying basket is fixed or locked in properly. Also, check that the air fryer’s door is closed completed and latched.

7. Contact The Manufacturer

If you have made sure that the air fryer is properly fixed and plugged into a functional socket, has no physical damage on either the cable or body, and have gone through the user manual as well—it’s time to contact the manufacturer. 

You can find information about the manufacturer on the box or in the instruction manual. They will usually have a phone number for customer service listed.

Remember to check if you have a warranty claim for the product. If your air fryer problems occur during the warranty period, you may be able to get a new air fryer or some replacement parts.

Why Does My Air Fryer Keep Shutting Off?

If your air fryer turns on but keeps shutting off there are quite a few different things you can check. Get your air fryer working again by scanning through the list below for some of the most common issues.

1. A Program Hasn’t Been Selected

If you press the start button to turn your air fryer on but don’t select a program for it to function, it will shut off automatically after some time.

So after hitting the air fryer’s power button, make sure to select a program and start the cooking process within a few minutes of turning it on. If it does happen to turn off, simply just hit the power button again.

2. The Air Fryer Has An Auto Shut-Off Function

Most air fryers come with a built-in automatic shutdown function to prevent damage from overheating. This means that if your appliance gets too hot it will shut off on its own so that it can cool down.

To prevent the air fryer from getting overheated (and to ensure delicious food with a crispy texture), don’t put more than the maximum recommended amount of food inside it.

3. The Basket Is Loose Or Improperly Placed

A common reason your air fryer won’t turn on, or shuts off on its own, is that the basket is not fixed in place properly. Make sure that you hear a ‘click’ sound when you attach it. Also, inspect the basket and air fryer for any signs of physical damage that would prevent it from fixing properly.

4. The Door Is Loose Or Improperly Closed

After checking the basket, make sure that the lid or door of the air fryer is properly closed before you start the device. Most air fryers have a safety feature that prevents them from functioning until the basket and the door are properly in place.

5. There Is A Problem With The Cable

If the cable of your air fryer is faulty it could result in your air fryer suddenly shutting down. Keep an eye out for this problem, especially if your air fryer repeatedly shuts off mid-way through the cooking cycle. Also, inspect the cable for any signs of damage or a blown fuse.

6. A Problem With The Electrical Outlet

Last but not least, another reason why your air fryer keeps shutting off could be a problem with the electrical supply, not the air fryer itself.

Examine your outlet and test it with a different electrical device to determine whether it is faulty. If this is the case, contact an electrician to fix it for you.

What To Do If Your Air Fryer Fan Is Not Working

There are several different reasons the fan on your air fryer is not working. Here are a few different things you can check.

  1. Make sure the power supply and cable are working properly. Take out the drawer and check the fan to make sure that there isn’t any dirt or pieces of food clogging it and preventing it from functioning. Try removing and inserting the drawer a few times to check whether the fan turns on.
  2. Next, find out whether the safety button has been activated or not as the safety lock could prevent the fan from working. Check the owner’s manual to find out if you can access the safety switch. In some models, you can also turn on the safety switch by inserting a credit card or butter knife in the space under the drawer, but make sure the air fryer is unplugged before doing so.
  3. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, contact the manufacturer or an electrician to get to help troubleshoot further.

What To Do If Your Air Fryer Touch Screen Is Not Working

There could be several reasons why your air fryer’s touch screen isn’t working.

  1. The easiest fix is if there is an issue with the electricity supply or power source. Make sure your outlet is working, the cord is plugged in securely and the machine is powered on.
  2. However, there might be an internal problem such as a faulty membrane switch, defective control board or the touchscreen itself has become non-functional. If you believe this is the case, reach out to the manufacturer or a professional to get it fixed or replaced.

What To Do If Your PowerXL Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

The Power XL Air Fryer is a really popular model. If your PowerXL air fryer suddenly powers off or won’t turn on, you can check all of the common air fryer issues we covered in the article. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Make sure that the power cord is functional and plugged in. Check that you also have a working socket.
  • Check that the basket is properly attached and the air fryer door is closed completely.
  • Try rebooting the air fryer to see if it turns on.
  • If these steps don’t work, it’s possible the air fryer may have a blown fuse that needs to be replaced.
  • If you are unable to determine the reason why your PowerXL air fryer won’t turn on, contact the manufacturer for help.
What To Do If Your Air Fryer Won't Turn On

Air Fryer Shut Off FAQs

How Do I Reset My Air Fryer?

First, turn it off and allow it to cool down completely. In most models, you can then reset your air fryer by pressing the reset button located at the base.

Why Doesn’t My Air Fryer Heat Up?

This could be because you have manually set it to a low-temperature setting. You may just need to crank up the heat to a higher temperature. If that is not the case, then there might be a problem with the heating element or cord of the air fryer.

How Do I Get My Air Fryer To Turn On?

You can turn your air fryer on by plugging it into a functional electrical socket and making sure that the basket is properly fixed. Press the air fryer’s power button, then promptly select your desired program to get it running.

Why Did My Air Fryer Shut Off?

Your air fryer can shut off for a variety of reasons including the following:

  • A cook program was not selected.
  • The auto shut-off system engaged.
  • A problem with the electrical supply or power cord.
  • The basket has not been fixed in place.
  • The air fryer door is not completely closed.

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