Nestle Toll House 2018 Cookie Of The Year: Ice Cream Sundae

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How Nestle determines the Cookie Of The Year honor is a mystery to me.

There is no fanfare. No voting. No huge marketing campaign. Then one day, you’re walking through the grocery store. You’re minding your own business. Glancing with disinterest at the yogurt. Frowning at the price of butter. Drooling at the crazy new edible cookie doughs you can eat with a spoon straight from the container. Then BAM!


And wait, it gets even better. The flavor is ICE CREAM SUNDAE! I’m pretty sure I stopped mid-stride and said “No way!” Without hesitation, in the cart it goes!

The base of this ice cream sundae cookie flavor is a basic chocolate chip cookie. Nothing special here. They threw in a few sprinkles so that gets us a bit closer to a sundae. Now here’s where it gets good. When I opened the package, I was surprised and delighted to see they put big WAFFLE CONE pieces right on top.

Nestle Toll House Cookie of the Year 1

Now the question is … Will the texture hold up after baking?

Oh, YES IT DID! There is a crunch you can hear from across the room when you take your first bite. And there is also a distinct malty, waffle cone flavor. Well done, Nestle, well done!

Nestle Toll House Cookie of the Year 2

It’s a good cookie for sure, but with a few little tweaks, it could have been awesome.

  1. Obviously, more sprinkles. And put those sprinkles right on top along with the waffle cone.
  2. Some white chocolate chunks would be a great addition. It would have given it a sweeter, vanilla flavor and a creamier texture which would have amped up the ice cream vibe.
  3. Make the ‘serving size’ a bit less ridiculous. See that cookie in the picture above. That is actually TWO cookies baked together. I know it makes them feel good to say that one serving is only 80 calories, but we all know that’s just nonsense.

So did this 2018 COOKIE OF THE YEAR taste like an ice cream sundae? No, not really.

Did it remind me of an ice cream sundae? Also, no.

Was it delicious anyway? Heck yeah!

Should you buy these? Seriously. Is this even a question? YES! Give them a try, then c’mon back and leave a comment below. We’d love to hear what you think!

2018 Cookie of the Year Pin

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  1. I enjoy making homemade cookies from scratch, but these Toll House cookies are fabulous time savers when you need a batch of treats ASAP! Thank you so much for sharing their chosen cookie of the year!


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